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wm_Palmerstown Cottages 16.2.33.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown Cottages 16.2.33: terrace of three bay single storey cottages on the Street off Mill Lane dating from roughly 1910.Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Lead and Copper Mill 16.2.24.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown Lead and Copper Mill 16.2.24: this was a pump house not a lead and copper mill and now supplies printing ink.Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Mill Mustard Mill 16.2.3.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown Mill Mustard Mill 16.2.3Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Mills 16.2.30.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown Mills 16.2.30: Mustard Mill, Mill Lane, Palmerston.Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Mills Mustard Mill 16.2.30.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown Mills Mustard Mill 16.2.30: built some time around 1900. It was heavily damaged in 2002 when restraining girders were added.Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Barn 16.2.35.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown (or Palmerston) Barn 16.2.35Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Mills 16.2.30_3.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown (or Palmerston) Mills 16.2.30_3: Mustard Mills, Mill Lanes, Palmerstown.Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Ring Barrow 16.2.31.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown (or Palmerston) Ring Barrow 16.2.31Healy, Patrick
wm_Palmerstown Pre-Norman Church 16.2.34.jpg.jpg1992 Palmerstown Pre-Norman Church 16.2.34: this ruinous church, possibly seventeenth century or earlier, is surrounded by a churchyard, and its location on Mill Lane is not publicly accessible.Healy, Patrick
wm_Paper Mill and Mill Ponds Clondalkin 18.2.11.jpg.jpg1992 Paper Mill and Mill Ponds Clondalkin 18.2.11: Clondalkin Paper Mill was founded in the early 19th century by Thomas Seery and Son on the Camac river on a site leased by William Caldbeck. In 1913 it was purchased by the Becker Company and during World War I business boomed. After a downturn in business it closed in 1922. It reopened in 1936 and after protracted attempts for a final few years at rescue it closed in 1987.Healy, Patrick
wm_Piperstown group of huts and cairns 1.2.251.jpg.jpg1992 Piperstown group of huts and cairns 1.2.251Healy, Patrick
wm_porticoed Entrance to St Edmondsbury House 17.2.5.jpg.jpg1992 porticoed Entrance to St Edmondsbury House 17.2.5: acute mental health hospital operated by the HSE.Healy, Patrick
wm_Primrose Hill House Lucan 17.2.35.jpg.jpg1992 Primrose Hill House Lucan 17.2.35: dating from roughly 1790 this five bay two storey country house has some architectural features attributed to James Gandon.Healy, Patrick
wm_Priory 23.1.jpg.jpg1992 Priory 23.1: This was the home of John Philpot Curran, politician, orator and lawyer, and father of Sarah Curran at the time of Robert Emmet's Rising in 1803. He purchased the then Holly Park in 1790 and renamed it the Priory after the drinking club, The Order of St Patrick, of which he was the Prior.Healy, Patrick
wm_Raheen Standing Stone 2.1.245.jpg.jpg1992 Raheen Standing Stone 2.1.245Healy, Patrick
wm_Railway Station Building 18.2.2.jpg.jpg1992 Railway Station Building 18.2.2: Cloverhill Road, Clondalkin.Healy, Patrick
wm_Rathfarnham Castle_2.jpg.jpg1987 Rathfarnham CastleHealy, Patrick
wm_Rathfarnham Castle_1.jpg.jpg1987 Rathfarnham Castle_1Healy, Patrick
wm_Rathfarnham Courthouse.jpg.jpg1985 Rathfarnham Courthouse: The Court of Petty Sessions on Main Street was built in 1912. The public entered on the left, the Judge on the right. It operated as a District Court until 1977 when the boys school to moved out of its building to new premises. The original public entrance has Rathfarnham Athletic Club above the door. A 1981 Opel Kadett estate is in the foreground.Healy, Patrick
wm_Rathfarnham Ecclesiastical Remains 23.1.2.jpg.jpg1985 Rathfarnham Ecclesiastical Remains 23.1.2: The church of SS Peter and Paul was first built in 1212, later rebuilt in stone and served as the Anglican Parish church until 1795 when its worshippers moved to the new Rathfarnham Parish Church in Rathfarnham Village.Healy, Patrick
Showing results 153 to 172 of 204