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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_002A.jpg.jpg2017 Richard Wyndham-Quin, 6th Earl Dunraven with son Thady.O'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_0065.jpg.jpg2017 Richard Wyndham-Quin, 6th Earl of Dunraven and Mount Earl and his wife, Nancy, Countess of DunravenO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_002C.jpg.jpg1940 Richard Wyndham-Quin, Lord Adare, with Capt. Timothy Vizors in Adare VillageO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_0059.jpg.jpg2017 Robert Leech, butler to the 5th and 6th Earls of DunravenO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_0061.jpg.jpg2017 Robert Leech with his wife, Peg (nee Lyons)O'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2015 Ruth Sweetman (b. 1942)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Ruth, Sweetman
wm_0052.jpg.jpg1990 The Ryan family home at No. I, Adare village in the 1990’sO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_006B.jpg.jpg2017 A shooting party at AdareO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_003B.jpg.jpg2017 Shooting party. Included are the Countess of Dunraven (centre) and 6th Earl Dunraven (on right)O'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_002D.jpg.jpg1950 Sir Thomas Ainsworth, Lady Olein Wyndham-Quin and Lord Adare at Limerick showO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2013 Sr. Íde (Hanora) Woulfe (b.1915), niece of Con ColbertO'Keeffe, Maurice; Woulfe, Sr. Íde (Hanora)
wm_0039.jpg.jpg2017 Staff aboard a boat leaving the pier at Garinish IslandO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_0037.jpg.jpg2017 Staff at Fort Union Stud. 6th Earl Dunraven at centreO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_003F.jpg.jpg2017 Taking a break at a shoot at AdareO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_000D.jpg.jpg2017 Thady Wyndham–Quin with guest at a shoot at Adare ManorO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_003E.jpg.jpg1940 Viscountess Adare presenting the Irish Cup to the winning owner at Clounanna Coursing Meeting at AdareO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2014 W. and R. Jacob Oral History Collection 3: Brenda Boyd (b. 1958) and Iris Smart (b. 1949)O'Keeffe, Maurice; South Dublin Libraries
wm_IMG_3104.jpg.jpg2017 Washing Pool in Adare villageO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_001F.jpg.jpg1957 wedding of Lady Caroline Wyndham-Quin and 8th Marquis of WaterfordO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2014 W&R Jacob & Co. Oral History Collection 10: Séamus Ó MaitiúO'Keeffe, Maurice; South Dublin Libraries
Showing results 222 to 241 of 257