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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_4586.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4588.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4583.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4592.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4591.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4581.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4585.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4584.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4589.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4582.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4590.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4587.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4580.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 RisingUnknown
wm_4579.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, Bachelor's Walk, DublinUnknown
wm_4578.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, [Beresford Place] DublinUnknown
wm_4623.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, Brigadier-General John Aloysius ByrneUnknown
wm_4600.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, Brigadier-General W.H.M. LoweUnknown
wm_4619.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, Col. E. JohnstoneUnknown
wm_4620.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, Colonel Sir John Ross of BladensburgUnknown
wm_4621.jpg.jpg7-Sep-2009 1916 Rising, Commander W.V. HarrelUnknown
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1098