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wm_Oesterwaff2.jpg.jpg1871 11mm Mauser Model 1871 bolt-action single shot Infantry RifleKilmainham Gaol
wm_21PC-1A57-27.jpg.jpg1928 The 4th Executive Council of the Irish Free StateKilmainham Gaol
wm_20PO-1A57-22.jpg.jpg1922 Armoured Car (Slievenamon) Part of column in Beal na Blath when Michael Collins was assassinated.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_17PC-1A53-29 Sinn Féin Revolt Illustrated1.jpg.jpg1916 British Army in Trinity CollegeKilmainham Gaol
wm_19PC-1D41-16b.jpg.jpg1922 The British army, in Victoria (now Collins) Barracks Cork, takes down the Union flag for the last time.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_17PC-1A53-29 Railway bridge at Clontarf.jpg.jpg1917 British Army machine-gun post at Clontarf BridgeKilmainham Gaol
wm_17PO-1A24-13a.jpg.jpg1916 Countess Constance Markievicz in the uniform of the Irish Citizen ArmyKilmainham Gaol
wm_17PC-1A53-29.jpg.jpg1916 Cover of "Sinn Fein Revolt Illustrated" pictorial record.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_20PC-1D31-27.jpg.jpg1922 Cover of Souvenir Album of the Dublin Fighting 1922.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_19PC-1A58-14a.jpg.jpg1919 Daniel Breen Police Notice £1000 Reward Wanted for murder in Ireland.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_19PC-1D31-06b.jpg.jpg30-Dec-1921 The departure by sea of British troops from Ireland in 1922.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_19PC-1D31-06b.jpg.jpg1922 The departure by sea of British troops from Ireland in 1922.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_DSC_0615adj.jpg.jpg1913 DMP Police baton used in the 1913 Lockout riots.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_Copy-of-14PC-1A54-22.jpg.jpg1913 Edward Carson, leader of the Irish Unionists (1910-21) speaks out against Home Rule at a meeting in Belfast.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_19PO-1A32-02d.jpg.jpg25-May-1921 Four Photographs of the Burning of the Custom House, 25 May 1921.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_20PC-1A45-11.jpg.jpg1922 Free State Army and Irregulars shake hands following successful negotiations, Kilkenny, 1922.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_20PO-1A34-18.jpg.jpg1922 Free State soldiers walking across Sackville Street toward the Gresham Hotel. Armoured car to left of photograph.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_20PC-1A55-25.jpg.jpg1922 Full length photo of Michael Collins with walking stick in the uniform of Chief of Staff of the Free State Army.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_18PC-1A45-04.jpg.jpg1917 Funeral Procession of Thomas Ashe, Ormond Quay, 30 September, 1917.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_17PC-1A44-11.jpg.jpg1916 General Maxwell and his staff, 1916.Kilmainham Gaol
Showing results 1 to 20 of 74