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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_57.jpg.jpg1965 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_46.jpg.jpg1965 Bernie Ward, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_48.jpg.jpg1965 Bernie Ward, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_79.jpg.jpg1965 The big field, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_35.jpg.jpg1967 Big Miley Flynn carrying Gawkes Brien and Jimmey Cassidy, Labre Park, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_86.jpg.jpg1967 Bill Cassidy and Kathleen Connors, Labre Park, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_44.jpg.jpg1967 Bill Cassidy and Kathleen Connors, Saggart, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_90.jpg.jpg1966 Bridget Furey, Loughrea, 1966MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_51.jpg.jpg1965 The Camp at Cherry Orchard, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_73.jpg.jpg1967 Caravan and a pony, Ballinasloe, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_103.jpg.jpg1965 Caravan, Tent and Animals, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_28.jpg.jpg1965 Car Wreck, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_43.jpg.jpg1967 Cassidy and Connors Wedding, Saggart, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_96.jpg.jpg1967 Cassidy child and Mick the Gob (right), Cherry Orchard, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_81.jpg.jpg1967 Cassidy children and Mick the Gob (right), Labre Park, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_14.jpg.jpg1967 Cassidy children and Mick the Gob (right), Labre Park, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_101.jpg.jpg1965 The Cherry Orchard Camp, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_27.jpg.jpg1965 Children, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_68.jpg.jpg1965 Children repairing a bicycle, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_64.jpg.jpg1965 Child with cellophane, Cherry Orchard, 1965MacWeeney, Alen
Showing results 1 to 20 of 86