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Title: 55-Shechem
Authors: Thomas Mason Optician
Thomas Mason Optician
South Dublin Libraries Local Studies
Keywords: Clondalkin Branch Library
lantern slide
Holy Land
Issue Date: 1910
Publisher: Thomas Mason Optician, 5-6 Dame St Dublin.
Description: Slide 55: one of a collection of lantern slides shown at Clondalkin branch library c 1910. Description given in booklet: The extreme antiquity of Shechem as a site, and the important events of which it was the scene in the earliest period of Jewish history invest it with a unique interest. Here Abram pitched his tent and built his first altar on his entrance into the Promised Land. Here was the “parcel of ground” which Jacob bought. Close by is the Sepulchre in which the embalmed body of Joseph ,was buried when his descendants came up from Egypt. On the two hills between which it lies-Ebal and Gerizim-the blessings and curses and the law were recited while the people stood in the valley between, and here our Lord proclaimed the abrogation of all that was local and temporary in the covenant with Adam and his seed. “Neither in this mountain nor yet in Jerusalem shall ye worship the Father. God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth” The associations of this range thus cover the whole course of Hebrew history from its commencement to its close.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10599/11785
Latitude: 32.222968
Longitude: 35.261219
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Appears in Collections:The Holy Land: a reading; a description of a series of lantern slides

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