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wm_Corkagh Greyscale.jpg.jpg1950 Corkagh HouseDevine, Joe
wm_Corkagh House_2_IAA.jpg.jpg1900 The house at Corkagh-
wm_Corkagh House_1_IAA.jpg.jpg1900 Corkagh House-
wm_Corkagh House_1.jpg.jpg1950 Corkagh HouseDevine, Joe
wm_Corkagh House_2.jpg.jpg1950 The house at Corkagh-
wm_Corkagh House_3_IAA.jpg.jpg1900 Corkagh House, Clondalkin-
wm_Corkagh Dairy vans.jpg.jpg1950 Corkagh Dairy VansDevine, Joe
wm_Veronica Mrs Lefroy at Corkagh - Cedars.jpg.jpg1940 Veronica Colley (Mrs. Lefroy) at Corkagh-
wm_saving hay.jpg.jpg1940 Saving hay at CorkaghDevine, Joe
wm_walled garden_1.jpg.jpg1950 House at the walled garden, CorkaghDevine, Joe

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