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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_5848.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:33ZOrlagh House, Old Court RoadBrendan McCauley
wm_5856.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:21ZOur Lady's SchoolBrendan McCauley
wm_5854.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:35ZOur Lady's School EntranceBrendan McCauley
wm_5857.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:15:30ZOur Lady's School, Lawn to the rear of HouseBrendan McCauley
wm_5858.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:22ZOur Lady's School, Light Feature in Old HouseBrendan McCauley
wm_5855.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:23ZOur Lady's School, rear of Bushy House/ConventBrendan McCauley
wm_5859.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:17ZOur Lady's School, Shaw Family CrestBrendan McCauley
wm_5873.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:15:28ZPlaster Feature from Bushy House Our Lady's SchoolBrendan McCauley
wm_5824.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:21ZRathfarnham CastleBrendan McCauley
wm_5825.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:34ZRathfarnham CastleBrendan McCauley
wm_5826.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:15:26ZRathfarnham CastleBrendan McCauley
wm_5827.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:15ZRathfarnham CastleBrendan McCauley
wm_5882.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:05ZRear of Bushy House, Our Lady's SchoolBrendan McCauley
wm_5895.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:17:07ZRear of St. Patrick's CathedralBrendan McCauley
wm_5894.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:19ZShop Fronts, TerenureBrendan McCauley
wm_5783.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:54ZSite of Millennium Wing, Terenure CollegeBrendan McCauley
wm_5782.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:15:55ZSite of Millennium Wing, Terenure CollegeBrendan McCauley
wm_5809.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:16:06ZSoon to be Demolished House, Terenure Road WestBrendan McCauley
wm_5817.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:15:56ZSpawell House from Main RoadBrendan McCauley
wm_5818.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:15:37ZSpawell House, Spawell RoundaboutBrendan McCauley