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wm_CF006.jpg.jpg1918Card dated 1918 sent from Holloway Jail signed by ‘Constance de Markievicz, I.R.A.’ and Kathleen Clarke.Markievicz, Constance; Clarke, Kathleen; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF035d.jpg.jpg1916-05-30Catholic Bulletin Censored with blank pagesCapuchin Archive
wm_CF011e.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Con Colbert's Memoriam cardCapuchin Archive
wm_CF001.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Copy letter from Fr. Albert Bibby concerning Sean Heuston’s execution.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF026a.jpg.jpg1916-05-27Correspondence between Fr. Aloysius Travers and Thomas W. Bewley, secretary, W & R. Jacob & Co. Ltd.,politely refusing £25 donationTravers, Fr. Aloysius; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF028.jpg.jpg1916-05-30Correspondence between Thomas W. Bewley, secretary, W & R. Jacob & Co. Ltd., and Fr. Aloysius Travers, acknowledging returned cheque.Bewley, Thomas W; Capuchin Archive
wm_AntiConscriptionPledge.jpg.jpg1918-04-21Crowds gather on the 21st April 1918 to sign the Anti-Conscription PledgeCapuchin Archive
wm_CF025.jpg.jpg1916-05-25Donation letter from Thomas W. Bewley, secretary, W & R. Jacob & Co. Ltd., to Fr. Aloysius TraversBewley, Thomas W; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF011b.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Eamonn Ceannt's Memoriam cardCapuchin Archive
wm_CF007.jpg.jpg1918Envelope used to post card from Countess Markievicz in Holloway JailCapuchin Archive
wm_CF013f.jpg.jpg1917First Anniversary card "Pray for the repose of the Souls of the following Irishmen who were executed by English Law 1916"Capuchin Archive
wm_CF013b.jpg.jpg1917-04-30First Anniversary Memoriam card for Joseph Mary Plunkett, William Pearse, Michael O'Hanrahan and Edward DalyCapuchin Archive
wm_CF037.jpg.jpg1921Flier issued to promote the Irish Bond Certificate campaign in the United StatesCapuchin Archive
wm_DSC_1076.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Fused fragments of metal, assorted bullet cartridges and rifle clips reputedly taken from the destroyed shell of the GPO in 1916South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF023.jpg.jpg1916-05-02Handwritten note from British HQ Dublin, advising that three 1916 leaders "be seen tonight"Capuchin Archive
wm_CF052.jpg.jpg1922Heavily ironic Anti-Free State pamphlet titled "Your King and Country Calls".South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_DSC_1082.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Hopsack bag found in 1916 in the gallery of St. Mary of the Angels, Church StreetCapuchin Archive
wm_DSC_1086.jpg.jpg1917-05-30Joseph McGuinness 1917 Election poster. "Put Him In to Get Him Out"Capuchin Archive
wm_CF024.jpg.jpg1916-05-08Letter from [T. Martin?] to Fr. Aloysius Travers enclosing artifacts found in the GPO.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF008.jpg.jpg1922-08-12Letter from Liam Mellows, Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, to his mother shortly before his execution.Mellowes, Liam; Capuchin Archive