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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_DSC_1086.jpg.jpg1917-05-30Joseph McGuinness 1917 Election poster. "Put Him In to Get Him Out"Capuchin Archive
wm_CF024.jpg.jpg1916-05-08Letter from [T. Martin?] to Fr. Aloysius Travers enclosing artifacts found in the GPO.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF008.jpg.jpg1922-08-12Letter from Liam Mellows, Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, to his mother shortly before his execution.Mellowes, Liam; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF022.jpg.jpg1916-05-01List of demands made by Thomas MacDonagh whilst jailed in Richmond BarracksMacDonagh, Thomas; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF013c.jpg.jpg1917-04-30Memoriam card - anniversary of the deaths of Patrick Pearse, Thomas Clarke and Thomas McDonagh.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF016b.jpg.jpg1922Memoriam card to Rory O'Connor, Liam Mellowes, Richard Barrett and Joseph McKelveyCapuchin Archive
wm_CF011a.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Michael O'Hanrahan's Memoriam CardCapuchin Archive
wm_DSC_1089.jpg.jpg1915-11-06Newspaper 'The Worker's Republic'Connolly, James; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF004.jpg.jpg1916Padraig Mac Piarais Calling Card with St. Enda's address, Printed signature of Eamonn DeValeraCapuchin Archive
wm_CF061.jpg.jpg1922-07-15Page from the Illustrated London News showing the ruins of Sackville Street post-1922 from the top of Nelson's PillarSouth Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF038a.jpg.jpg1929Pamphlet - The story of Kevin Barry.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF013e.jpg.jpg1917-04-30Paper Memoriam First Anniversary card in memory of Major John MacBrideCapuchin Archive
wm_CF013d.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Paper Memoriam to the memory of "General PH Pearse and the Officers and Men of the Irish Republican Army"Capuchin Archive
wm_CF021a.jpg.jpg1916-05-01Pass, issued by the Assistant Provost Marshal, Dublin Castle, to Fr. Columbus MurphyCapuchin Archive
wm_CF013a.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Patrick and William Pearse Memoriam card. Gatefold and double sided. Obverse and reverse.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF021b.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Permit to The Governor, Arbour Hill Detention Barracks allowing Fr. Murphy to interview "Pearse the rebel leader"Capuchin Archive
wm_CF019.jpg.jpg1923‘Republicans are We’. Unattributed handwritten lyrics of an alternative Anti-Treaty anthemCapuchin Archive
wm_DubFusiliersRecruitment.jpg.jpg1914Royal Dublin Fusiliers recruitment parade, Dame Street, Dublin.Capuchin Archive
wm_DSC_1079.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Savage Model 1907 Pistol and Holster, found in the church of St. Mary of the Angels Church Street in 1916Capuchin Archive
wm_CF016a.jpg.jpg1921Single-sided paper Memoriam to Kevin BarryCapuchin Archive