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DependentsFund.pdf.jpg1916Irish National Aid & Volunteer Dependents’ Fund Appeal pamphletDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS332.jpg.jpg1916Irish War News - Volume 1, No. 1, Dublin, Tuesday 25th April 1916Pearse, Patrick; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img004.jpg.jpg1922-12-20Letter dated 20th December 1922 from Kevin O'Higgins to Archbishop Byrne reporting an incident at a mass at Mount Argus church. The celebrant, Fr. Joseph Smith C.P. alleged the Free State army were murderers.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img001a.jpg.jpg1922Letter dated 26th April 1922 from an R Whelan of Rathmines to Archbishop Byrne complaining of Michael Collins' alleged drunkennessPhelan, R; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img020.jpg.jpg1923-03-13Letter from Commander in Chief to Archbishop Byrne complaining about an anti-treaty letter sent by a priest to a prisoner in Tintown, Curragh.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_IMG069.jpg.jpg1922Letter from Eibhlin Ni Cinneide of the Irish Self-Determination League to Archbishop O'Byrne protesting at the prison Chaplain not providing Mary McSwiney with SacramentsDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS383b.jpg.jpg1916Letter from Father Larry Stafford, British Army Chaplain at Frongoch P.O.W. CampStafford, Fr. Larry; Dublin Diocesan Archives
GNS352.pdf.jpg1916Letter from General John Maxwell, Officer Commanding HM Forces in Ireland, to Archbishop William Walsh protesting at political demonstrations that were taking place outside Requiem Masses.Maxwell, General John; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS346.jpg.jpg1916Letter from General John Maxwell, Officer Commanding HM Forces in Ireland, to Archbishop William Walsh thanking him for advice givenMaxwell, General John; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS348a.jpg.jpg1916Letter from General Maxwell Chief of British Army in Ireland, to Archbishop William Walsh requesting information about clergy who acted with particular gallantry.Walsh, Archbishop William; Maxwell, General John; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS357c.jpg.jpg1916Letter from Henry O'Connor(?) to Archbishop William Walsh protesting at being asked his religion by a British Army officer when presenting a pass.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS367.jpg.jpg1916Letter from Major L. James of Longford Barracks to the Archbishop of Dublin complaining of an address by a Fr. Joseph which was contrary to Martial LawJames, L. Major; Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img015.jpg.jpg1922Letter to Archbishop Byrne advising him of the arrest of Rev. Dr. P Brown of Maynooth College. Includes detail of the raid.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img085.jpg.jpg1922Letter to Archbishop Byrne by the Kilmainham Female Hunger Strikers Kathleen (Kitty) Costello, Nelly Ryan (sister of Dr. Jim Ryan) and Annie O’Neill requesting that they receive Holy Communion daily until their death.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img075.jpg.jpg1922Letter to the Archbishop from Maude Gonne McBride claiming mistreatment of prisonersDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_JKeegan.jpg.jpg1916Letter to the Archbishop of Dublin from J. Keegan, a gunsmith who had his entire shop cleared of weapons by the Irish Volunteers, looking for compensation from the Dependents' FundDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS306.jpg.jpg1916Original copy of the "Castle Document" in pamphlet form.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_MountjoyHell.jpg.jpg1923-09-14Pamphlet: "The Mountjoy Hell - Attempt to break prisoners' morale"Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS359b.jpg.jpg1916Pass dated 1st May 1916 to allow Henry O'Connor to travel from the Law Room in Dublin Castle to his home.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS302.jpg.jpg1916Patriotic song list including "Ireland Over All" (sung to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles)Dublin Diocesan Archives