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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_4164.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18Quinn Solicitors [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4166.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18Social Services [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4165.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18South Dublin County Council [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4167.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18St. John's Revenue [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4168.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18St. Maelruain's Pier [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4169.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18St. Maelruain's Tower [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4172.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18Tuansgate [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4171.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18Tuansgate [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary
wm_4173.jpg.jpg2005-08-18; 2005-08-18United Drug [Tallaght]Elizabeth Cleary