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wm_IMG098.jpg.jpg2012Illustration of firemanFallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_Cover001.jpg.jpg2012Kings Police Medal awarded to fireman Doyle for his heroism at the 'War Cypress' incident in 1918.Fallon, Las; Power, David; Doyle, Family
wm_img107Adj.jpg.jpg1902Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) hose tender 1902.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; O Luanaigh, Liam
wm_DSC_0676.jpg.jpg2012Late 18th century firemark of the Royal Exchange Assurance.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_DSC_0592Adj.jpg.jpg2012Leather volunteer's helmet with brass mounting.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_IMG103a.jpg.jpg1906-07-15Letter from E.L. Richardson to Fireman O'Hara, 1906. page 1Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_IMG103b.jpg.jpg1906Letter from E.L. Richardson to Fireman O'Hara, 1906. page 2Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_IMG104.jpg.jpg1906Letter from E.L. Richardson to Fireman O'Hara, 1906. page 3Fallon, Las; Richardson, E.L
wm_img114.jpg.jpg1875The Liberties whiskey fire, 1875. (London Illustrated News)Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; Illustrated London News
wm_img092.jpg.jpg1895Medal awarded to members who took part in the Merryweather Fire Escape Exhibition in Dublin in 1895.Fallon, Las; Power, David; DFB Museum
wm_img094.jpg.jpg1894Medal from fire chiefs convention held in Milwaukee, USA, in 1894Fallon, Las; Power, David; DFB Museum
wm_IMG106Adj.jpg.jpg2012Members of the Dublin Fire Brigade on thier engine.Fallon, Las; fallon, Las
wm_img108.jpg.jpg2012Members of the Dublin Fire brigade with Cork Corporation.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_IMG105.jpg.jpg2012Members of the Dublin Fire Brigade.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_img110.jpg.jpg2012Members of the Fire Brigade with thier fire engine.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_DSCF4851.jpg.jpg2012Minature versions of Thomas Smart's 1916 and War of Independance medals.Fallon, Las; Power, David; Smart, Colm
wm_DSC_0605Adj.jpg.jpg2012National Assurance Company firemarkFallon, Las; Power, David
wm_firemen.jpg.jpg1903Oil on canvas painting dated 1903 of a Dublin Fire brigade turn out to a fire.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; Mulvaney Family.
wm_cover003.jpg.jpg2012One of Purcells horse drawn extension ladders.Fallon, Las; Purcell, Family
wm_Cover027.jpg.jpg2012Page from catalogue selling fire equipment.Fallon, Las