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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_4660.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:50:37ZPoulaphouca [Dam]Father Browne S.J.
wm_4661.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:51:48ZPoulaphouca [Dam] WorkersFather Browne S.J.
wm_4112.jpg.jpg1943-07-01; 1943-07-01Presentation Convent, LucanFather Browne S.J.
wm_4367.jpg.jpg1954-08-18; 1954-08-18Rain Inside Diesel Train at LucanFather Browne S.J.
wm_4106.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:49:41ZRathfarnham Castle, 1925Father Browne S.J.
wm_4380.jpg.jpg1941-01-16; 1941-01-16Rathfarnham Castle, Driving in the SnowFather Browne S.J.
wm_4381.jpg.jpg1952-07-01; 1952-07-01Rathfarnham Castle, Entrance GateFather Browne S.J.
wm_4379.jpg.jpg1952-07-01; 1952-07-01Rathfarnham Castle, Entrance GatesFather Browne S.J.
wm_4371.jpg.jpg1943-11-30; 1943-11-30Rathfarnham Castle, Entrance HallFather Browne S.J.
wm_4368.jpg.jpg1941-01-16; 1941-01-16Rathfarnham Castle, Snow in the GardenFather Browne S.J.
wm_4369.jpg.jpg1952-07-28; 1952-07-28Rathfarnham Castle, The Riverside WalkFather Browne S.J.
wm_4373.jpg.jpg1949-08-23; 1949-08-23Rathfarnham Castle, The SeismometerFather Browne S.J.
wm_4375.jpg.jpg1949-08-23; 1949-08-23Rathfarnham Castle, The SeismometerFather Browne S.J.
wm_4374.jpg.jpg1949-08-23; 1949-08-23Rathfarnham Castle, The SeismometerFather Browne S.J.
wm_4127.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:29:21ZRathfarnham Garda Station Blown Up by the IRA 11th January 1923Father Browne S.J.
wm_4105.jpg.jpg1941-04-20; 1941-04-20Roman Catholic Church, LucanFather Browne S.J.
wm_4130.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:29:37ZSaggart 1922Father Browne S.J.
wm_4116.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:51:34ZSand Dredgers, Lucan, 1925Father Browne S.J.
wm_4124.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:50:12ZShy Children at Clondalkin Cross Roads, 1925Father Browne S.J.
wm_5202.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:49:57ZSwinging on the Pump, Leighlinbridge, Co. CarlowFather Browne S.J.