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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_T2000_030.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/30: Sometimes not so happy days at St Thomas' School, JobstownHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_031.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/31: Playtime is funtime at St Thomas' School, JobstownHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_032.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/32: Vandalised car, Suncroft, JobstownHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_033.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/33: Dispute at Tallaght HospitalHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_034.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/34: Down tools and down picket signsHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_034.jpg.jpg2011-06-08T2000/34:Down tools and down picket signs, Tallaght HospitalHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_035.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/35: Twice as niceHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_036.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/36: Our friends from different culturesHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_037.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/37: Our neighbours from different backgroundsHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_038.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/38: Our multicultural future, Tallaght VillageHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_039.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/39: Growing up in the Traveller CommunityHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_003.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/3: Indoor and outdoor workHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_040.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/40: Young people, old traditionsHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_041.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/41: Tea and biscuits in Fettercairn MarketHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_042.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/42: Thinking HardHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_043.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/43: Competing at the National Basket Ball Arena, Tymon NorthHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_044.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/44: Make a wish come true, Tallaght Animal SanctuaryHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_045.jpg.jpg2000-06-01T2000/45: Keeping an eye on livestock or vice versa, Tallaght Animal SanctuaryHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_047.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/47: Mark, the instructor shows youngsters the ropes - and the reins! Fettercairn Youth Horse ProjectHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_048.jpg.jpg2011-06-01T2000/48: Youngsters getting ready for a trekHennessy, Lorraine