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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_4344.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:51:59ZDeath Mask of Robert EmmetJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4343.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:50:50ZDeath Mask of Robert EmmetJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4357.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:53:13ZDr. Robert Emmet, Father of Robert EmmetJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4356.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:47:58ZDrawing of Robert Emmet Taken at the TrialJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4331.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:52:14ZDrawing Room, Casino House, MilltownJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4350.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:48:49ZEntrance to The Priory House, RathfarnhamJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4351.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:47:13ZFront View, The Priory House, RathfarnhamJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4334.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:48:32ZGarden, Casino House, MilltownJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4333.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:52:55ZGarden, Casino House, MilltownJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4353.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:53:02ZGertrude Curran's Grave, The Priory HouseJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4358.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:50:32ZGreen Street CourthouseJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4336.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:53:37ZHouse in Butterfield Lane, Leased by Robert EmmetJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4338.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:47:03ZHouse in which Robert Emmet was ArrestedJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4342.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:53:11ZKilmainham GaolJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4337.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:48:28ZMarshalsea Lane, Thomas StreetJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4355.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:47:19ZOld Churchyard, GlasnevinJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4352.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:49:17ZOld Garden, The Priory House, RathfarnhamJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4403.jpg.jpg1941-01-16; 1941-01-16Rathfarnham Castle, Snow in the GardenJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4339.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:48:56ZA Recess in Wall used by Robert EmmetJ.J. Reynolds
wm_4332.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:51:34ZRobert Emmet's Room, Casino House, MilltownJ.J. Reynolds