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wm_28.jpg.jpg2003-06-0728: view of St Maelruain's graveyard including the grave of Rev George Otto Simms.Maher, Tomás
wm_29.jpg.jpg2003-06-0729: grave of artist Elizabeth Rivers (1903-1964).Maher, Tomás
wm_2.jpg.jpg2003-06-072: memorial stained glass to Dorothea, wife of Rev William Robinson, Mira and Mary-Rebecca their daughters.Maher, Tomás
wm_30.jpg.jpg2003-06-0730: St Maelruain's exterior from east.Maher, Tomás
wm_31.jpg.jpg2003-06-0731: St Maelruain's exterior from across the road.Maher, Tomás
wm_32.jpg.jpg2003-06-0732: Katherine Tynan Memorial Plot which was opened in 1988 as part of a Village Improvement Scheme. Katherine Tynan (1861-1931) author and poet, lived nearby in Whitehall. The sculpture 'The Dancers' is by Antoinette Fleming.Maher, Tomás
wm_33.jpg.jpg2003-06-0733: Sculpture 'The Dancers' by Antoinette Fleming in Katherine Tynan Memorial Garden.Maher, Tomás
wm_34.jpg.jpg2003-06-0734: Statue of Our Lady in the grounds of the Dominican Priory Tallaght.Maher, Tomás
wm_35.jpg.jpg2003-06-0735: oldest part of Dominican Priory Tallaght, dating from 1864.Maher, Tomás
wm_36.jpg.jpg2003-06-0736: old tree in grounds of Dominican Priory Tallaght.Maher, Tomás
wm_37.jpg.jpg2003-06-0737: statue in grounds of Dominican Priory Tallaght.Maher, Tomás
wm_38.jpg.jpg2003-06-0738: Mt Venus dolmen.Maher, Tomás
wm_39.jpg.jpg2003-06-0739: Father Burke Memorial Church, part of the Dominican Priory and the local parish church, was built in 1882.Maher, Tomás
wm_3.jpg.jpg2003-06-073: Looking towards window in the east, the narthex. French or Portugese work experience student to left.Maher, Tomás
wm_40.jpg.jpg2003-06-0740: One of the carved monk heads, this one representing Fr Burke, flanking door of Fr Burke Memorial Church.Maher, Tomás
wm_4.jpg.jpg2003-06-074: Interior of St Maelruain's looking to the east at dusk or early dawn with screen, apse, lectern in partial darkness.Maher, Tomás
wm_5.jpg.jpg2003-06-075: east end or apse of St Maelruain's church showing screen, a portion of the east window, and altar.Maher, Tomás
wm_6.jpg.jpg2003-06-076: St Maelruain's pulpit and lectern.Maher, Tomás
wm_7.jpg.jpg2003-06-077: Memorial to Mathew Handcock, Sallypark, County Dublin who died 1824 and his wife Margaret who died 1827.Maher, Tomás
wm_8.jpg.jpg2003-03-078: interior of St Maelruain's church looking east at dusk or early morning.Maher, Tomás