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wm_TM014CamacRiver.jpg.jpg2017Camac river at former gunpowder mills Kilmatead, Corkagh Park, ClondalkinMaher, Tomás
wm_CNV00001.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00001: memorial in St Maelruain's Tallaght to Sir Timothy Allen, Knight, who died 1771 aged 62.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00002.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00002: interior of St Maelruain's church from nave looking towards chancel and apse.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00003.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00003: memorial stained glass dedicated to the memory of Rev William Robinson (1803-1887) erected by his children.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00004.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00004: memorial stained glass to Dorothea, wife of Rev William Robinson, Mira and Mary-Rebecca their daughters.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00005.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00005: Memorial to Mathew Handcock, Sallypark, County Dublin who died 1824 and his wife Margaret who died 1827.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00008.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00006; CNV00007; CNV00008: collection ladle with an inscription dated 1819.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00009.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00009: two memorials in St Maelruain's church.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00010.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00010; CNV00011; CNV00012; CNV00013; CNV00014; CNV00015; CNV00016; CNV00017; CNV00018; CNV00019; CNV00020; CNV00021; CNV00022; CNV00023: views of the locality from the tower of St Melruain's church.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00024.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00024: gravestone of John Murphy, employee of the Blessington Steam Tram Company who died aged 16 on 10th February 1894.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00025.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00025: gravestone of John Lambert who died on 25th December 1842 who died aged 73.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00026.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00026: picture of Rev William Deverell and another man.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00028.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00027; CNV00028: exterior of St Melruain's church.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00029.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00029: former stable close to gate of St Maelruain's church.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00030.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00030: church Sexton's cottage attached to former girl's school in grounds of St Maelruain's church..Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00031.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00031: old girls school attached to Sexton's cottage in grounds of St Maelruain's church.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00034.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00032; CNV00033; CNV00034: interior of St Maelruain's parish centre.Maher, Tomás
wm_CNV00037.jpg.jpg2003-06-07CNV00035; CNV00036; CNV00037: St Maelruain's church of Ireland; external views of the church and locality.Maher, Tomás
wm_TM033Gardens.jpg.jpg2017Gunpowder mill gardens at Kilmatead, Corkagh Park, ClondalkinMaher, Tomás
wm_TM020Steps.jpg.jpg2017Gunpowder mill steps at Kilmatead, Corkagh Park, ClondalkinMaher, Tomás