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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_circus31.jpg.jpg2013Divebomber machine with its owner, Betty Williams and co-workers.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus56.jpg.jpg2013Early Twentieth Century Circus in Ireland.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus32.jpg.jpg2013Fossett's Circus on a ground.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus38.jpg.jpg1940George McCormackMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus34.jpg.jpg1960George McCormack (on right)McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus26.jpg.jpg1930George McCormack as child, at family wagon tour.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus52.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack in centre back carrying dish shaped object: a "cluster" circus light. Men in foreground are putting up the "wallings" of the tent as the sides are called. They are on stilts to do this.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus2.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack painting wagon at Irish Australia Circus Variety accompanied by two small German children, the children of one of the artists at the show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus23.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack's family outside mobile cinema wagon.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus21.jpg.jpg1950George McCormack, outside show tent.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus15.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack, showman, resting after setting up a show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus17.jpg.jpg1960George McCormack, showman, singing.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus35.jpg.jpg1950George McCormacks brother, showman, on day off.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus44.jpg.jpg1950Group of artists, Irish Australia Circus Variety Co.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus7.jpg.jpg2013Herta Achmann, roller skater from Hamburg, with Irish Australia Circus Variety in Athboy, Co. Meath.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus41.jpg.jpg1920James (Joe) McCormack, showman, comedian, with friend employed in Irish circus.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus46.jpg.jpg2013Johnny Chipperfield, clown, photo by George McCormack while working with the show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus37.jpg.jpg1940McCormack family show on the road, in costumeMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus36.jpg.jpg2013McCormack's Oisin Players, Theatre Company, performing the Little Grey Home in the West. Left to right: Aggie O'Sullivan, George McCormack's mother Susan and Devin McCormack, George's brother.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus49.jpg.jpg2013Phyllis Thomas's father, a bookie, with one of his performing monkeys at the racecourses. This monkey was trained to drink from the bottle and to smoke.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne