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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1965Jacinta Leech, the butler’s daughter, with her dog, Keeta, Adare Manor, 1965O'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
1960James Clarke, Kilgobbin in the 1960’sO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2013Jeanne Bulfin (b. 1931)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Bulfin, Jeanne
2015Joe Murphy (b. 1940)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Murphy, Joe
2015John Bond (b. 1929)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Bond, John
2015John S. BellinghamO'Keeffe, Maurice; Bellingham, John S.
2012Joseph Bevan (b. 1932)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Bevan, Joseph
2012Kevin Barry (b.1941)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Barry, Kevin
wm_002E.jpg.jpg2017L/R: Miss Ursula Wyndham-Quin and Miss Mollie Wyndham-QuinO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_0063.jpg.jpg2017Lady Adare photographed with her pet dogO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_0053.jpg.jpg2017Lady Caroline Wyndham-Quin at their Coming Out BallO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_001E.jpg.jpg1957Lady Caroline Wyndham-Quin on her wedding day in 1957O'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2012Liam Archer (b. 1931)O'Keeffe, Maurice; Archer, Liam
wm_Untitled-13.jpg.jpg1930Limerick CountessesO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_IMG_3096.jpg.jpg2017The Limerick HoundsO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_002B.jpg.jpg2017Lord Danesbury, M.F.H. with Limerick hounds at the entrance to Adare ManorO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_IMG_3080.jpg.jpg2017The Lyons sisters, pictured with friends in Castletownshend Co. CorkO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
wm_003A.jpg.jpg2017Margaret Fitzgibbon, who opened the first tearooms in Adare villageO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice
2013Mary Gallagher (b.1954), Grandniece of Eamonn CeanntO'Keeffe, Maurice; Gallagher, Mary
wm_IMG_3075.jpg.jpg2017Member of a shooting party at Adare ManorO'Keeffe, Maurice; O'Keeffe, Maurice