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wm_CF004.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Padraig Mac Piarais Calling CardSouth Dublin Libraries; Pearse, Patrick; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF061.jpg.jpg1922-07-15Page from the Illustrated London News showing the ruins of Sackville Street post-1922 from the top of Nelson's PillarSouth Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_DOC20_HB_0015.jpg.jpg1924Pamphlet "Save Ulster for the Empire"Cleland, M.W.; Ulster Association; South Dublin Libraries
DOC20_EA.pdf.jpg1918Pamphlet "Two Years of English Atrocities in Ireland"Sinn Fein; South Dublin Libraries
wm_CF013d.jpg.jpg1916-05-08Paper Memoriam to the memory of "General PH Pearse and the Officers and Men of the Irish Republican Army"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF021a.jpg.jpg1916-05-01Pass, issued by the Assistant Provost Marshal, Dublin Castle, to Fr. Columbus MurphySouth Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF013a.jpg.jpg1916-05-08Patrick and William Pearse Memoriam cardSouth Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF021b.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Permit from General Staff Officer, Headquarters to The Governor, Arbour Hill Detention Barracks allowing Fr. Murphy to interview "Pearse the rebel leader"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_IRSackvilleB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - Irish Rebellion May 1916, Sackville Street in ruinsSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_ImperialBallroomB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - Irish Rebellion May 1916. The interior of the Ballroom, Imperial Hotel, after the siege.South Dublin Libraries
wm_RebellionBACB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - Sackville Street Dublin, 'Before and After' Sinn Fein Rebellion. Colour tinted.South Dublin Libraries
wm_RebellionBAB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - Sinn Fein Rebellion, DBC Sackville Street Before and AfterSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_RebellionDBCB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - Sinn Fein Rebellion, DBC Sackville Street.South Dublin Libraries
wm_SFRSackvilleB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - Sinn Fein Rebellion, Wrecked Shops in Sackville Street, DublinSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_Quay2B.jpg.jpg1916Postcard - The Quay (After the Rebellion), DublinSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_DBCB.jpg.jpg1916Postcard by Hely's. After the Insurrection, Sackville Street. The DBC, a picturesque ruin.Hely's Dublin; South Dublin Libraries
wm_AD009.jpg.jpg1916-05-05Postcard showing the arrest of Eamonn CeanntSouth Dublin Libraries; South Dublin Libraries, Local Studies
wm_BRM031a_R.jpg.jpg1928Press photo of Capt. RH McIntosh's Fokker plane Xenia at Baldonnel AerodromeSouth Dublin Libraries; South Dublin Libraries
Rathfarnham3.pdf.jpg2012-03-02T16:19:50ZRathfarnham Walking Tour. Printable version.South Dublin Libraries
wm_Cover%20Rathfarnhams%20top%205.jpg.jpg2010; 2010Rathfarnham's Top 5South Dublin Libraries; Crossan, Helen; Downey, Natascha; Harris, Catherine; Kelly, Donal; Kennedy, Emelene; Kennedy, Hollyn; O'Brien, Anna; O'Brien, Conor; Russell, Sophie; Taplin, Aoife; Treacy, Dearbhla; Scott, Ciara; Coughlan, Barbara