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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_DSC_2284.jpg.jpg2005-10-23Catholic church of the AnnuciationSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2102.jpg.jpg2005-10-06Cheeverstown House, formerly Kilvere HouseSwords, Kieran
wm_jac073.jpg.jpg2002-09-08Closed 1855 LedgerSwords, Kieran
wm_jac103.jpg.jpg2011-05-12The CoombeSwords, Kieran
wm_jac104.jpg.jpg2011-05-12The Coombe, DublilnSwords, Kieran
wm_LeylandCIE_ZC9689.jpg.jpg2014-12-11Coras Iompair Eireann Leyland Bus Reg. number ZC9689Swords, Kieran
wm_LeylandCIE_ZO3762.jpg.jpg2014-12-11Coras Iompair Eireann Leyland Bus Registration Number ZO 3762Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2306.jpg.jpg2005-10-23The Court of Petty Sessions, RathfarnhamSwords, Kieran
wm_jac063.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Drawing of W&R Jacob and Co's Dublin FactorySwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2255.jpg.jpg2005-10-18DSC_2253; DSC_2255: Waterpump on Firhouse Road.Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2304.jpg.jpg2005-10-23DSC_2304: blocked up early 18th century doorway on Church lane.Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2305.jpg.jpg2005-10-23DSC_2305: Woodview CottagesSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2321.jpg.jpg2005-11-09DSC_2319; DSC_2320; DSC_2321: Arch in modern apartment block between Rathfarnham Road and Main Street, year of 1997 inscribed above it.Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2324.jpg.jpg2005-10-23DSC_2324: house in the grounds of Rathfarnham Castle, part of walled garden.Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2369.jpg.jpg2005-11-09DSC_2369 Ely's ArchSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2414.jpg.jpg2005-11-09DSC_2414: Riversdale House was the last home of W.B. Yeats.Swords, Kieran
wm_Eaton Brae_3.jpg.jpg2005-10-22Eaton Brae_2; Eaton Brae_3: Former gate lodge on Eaton Brae, Shankill.Swords, Kieran
wm_ImageElizabethDempseyNeeNorton.jpg.jpg1992Elizabeth Dempsey Nee NortonO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_Image56ElizabethOToole.jpg.jpg1992Elizabeth O'TooleO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_jac110.jpg.jpg2011-05-12Entrance to Irish Biscuits Limited, TallaghtSwords, Kieran