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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_KnocklyonCastle2.jpg.jpg1992Knocklyon CastleO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_Courtown Back.jpg.jpg1904-05-25Lawrence postcard view of Courtown Harbour and beach postmarked 1904Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2432.jpg.jpg2005-11-09Loreto Abbey (Rathfarnham House)Swords, Kieran
wm_jac099.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Mikado Biscuit BoxSwords, Kieran
wm_MortonsPubA.jpg.jpg1992Morton's Pub, FirhouseO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
Od Centrum Klasztornego do Centrum Nowoczesnego.pdf.jpg2007; 2007Od Centrum Klasztornego Do Centrum Nowoczesnego - Piesza Wycieczka z Przewodnikiem Po Tallaght I Jego Okolicach: Historyczny Spacer Po TallaghtSouth Dublin Libraries; Swords, Kieran; Razniak, Izabela
Od Centrum Klasztornego do Centrum Nowoczesnego.pdf.jpg2009-09-07T16:28:37ZOd Centrum Klasztornego do centrum Nowoczesnego: Piesza wycieczka z przewodnikiem po Tallaght I jego okolicachSouth Dublin Libraries; Swords, Kieran; Razniak, Izabela.
wm_OldBawnBridge1A.jpg.jpg1992Old Bawn Bridge, FirhouseO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2384.jpg.jpg2005-11-09Old telegraph pole embossed with 'S.D.R.D.C. 1912' together with more recent telephone pole and street light.Swords, Kieran
wm_OldCourtA.jpg.jpg1992OldcourtO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_jac074.jpg.jpg2002-09-08Open 1855, ledgerSwords, Kieran
wm_jac032.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Patricia AssortmentSwords, Kieran
wm_jac038.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Patricia ChocolatesSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2381.jpg.jpg2005-10-23Pearse Bridge over the DodderSwords, Kieran
wm_Urney box 7.jpg.jpg2011-05-18T02:00:50ZPhoto of box of Urney Chocolate Cherries in Liquid CreamSwords, Kieran; Conlon, Mary
wm_Urney box 4.jpg.jpg2011-04-08; 2011-04-08Photograph of a box of Urney Chocolate bars, circa 1960sSwords, Kieran; Williams, Margaret
wm_PlagueCross2.jpg.jpg1992Plague Cross, FirhouseO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2312.jpg.jpg2005-11-09Portion of the former entrance to Rathfarnham Castle from the Main Street can still be seen along with its gate lodge.Swords, Kieran
wm_Great Western Back.jpg.jpg1906Postcard view by F. Moore's Railway Photographs of the locomotive "County Wexford"Swords, Kieran
wm_Ardmore Round Tower.jpg.jpg1100Postcard view of Ardmore Round TowerHinde, John; Swords, Kieran