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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_jac032.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Patricia AssortmentSwords, Kieran
wm_jac038.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Patricia ChocolatesSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2381.jpg.jpg2005-10-23Pearse Bridge over the DodderSwords, Kieran
wm_Urney box 7.jpg.jpg2011-05-18T02:00:50ZPhoto of box of Urney Chocolate Cherries in Liquid CreamSwords, Kieran; Conlon, Mary
wm_Urney box 4.jpg.jpg2011-04-08; 2011-04-08Photograph of a box of Urney Chocolate bars, circa 1960sSwords, Kieran; Williams, Margaret
wm_PlagueCross2.jpg.jpg1992Plague Cross, FirhouseO'Neill, Seamus; Swords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2312.jpg.jpg2005-11-09Portion of the former entrance to Rathfarnham Castle from the Main Street can still be seen along with its gate lodge.Swords, Kieran
wm_Great Western Back.jpg.jpg1906Postcard view by F. Moore's Railway Photographs of the locomotive "County Wexford"Swords, Kieran
wm_Ardmore Round Tower.jpg.jpg1100Postcard view of Ardmore Round TowerHinde, John; Swords, Kieran
wm_Arthurstown Back.jpg.jpg1960Postcard view of Arthurstown in Co. Wexford.Swords, Kieran
wm_BagandBun Back.jpg.jpg1936-08-23Postcard view of Baginbun Co. Wexford.Swords, Kieran
wm_Glendalough2back.jpg.jpg1949Postcard view of Glendalough monastic site.Swords, Kieran
wm_Glendalough.jpg.jpg1907-08-19Postcard view of Glendalough monastic site.Swords, Kieran
wm_Newtownbarry_Obv.jpg.jpg2014-12-11Postcard view of Thackaberry Stationers, Market Square, Newtownbarry. 1920-1930Swords, Kieran
wm_jac069.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Poster for Jacob's Fig rolls.Swords, Kieran
wm_jac066.jpg.jpg2011-04-21Poster, 1979Swords, Kieran
wm_jac105.jpg.jpg2011-05-12Quaker Burial GroundSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2409.jpg.jpg2005-10-09Rathfarmham graveyard and ruin of medieval church of St Peter and PaulSwords, Kieran
wm_DSC_2293.jpg.jpg2005-11-09Rathfarmham graveyard entrance containing ruin of medieval church of SS Peter and Paul, built in 1212 together with the then Motomax Motorcycle Garage and an old telegraph poll with inscription S.D.R.D.C.Swords, Kieran
wm_Rathfarnham Castle_4.jpg.jpg2005-10-23Rathfarnham CastleSwords, Kieran