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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_DSC_1077.jpg.jpg1908A 1908 Pattern British Army leather bandolier reputed to have been used by an Irish Volunteer during the 1916 Rising.South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF029.jpg.jpg1919-01-21Admission ticket to the first meeting of Dail EireannCapuchin Archive
wm_CF058.jpg.jpg1923Anti-Free State Army pamphlet 'To the memory of Five Brave Irishmen who died for Ireland' Executed in Kilmainham Jail January 8th 1923South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF050a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Free State Pamphlet titled 'The New Terror'Capuchin Archive; South Dublin Libraries
wm_CF050a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-treaty pamphlet "Arthur Griffith and M Collins are marching... over the bodies of their murdered comrades"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF057.jpg.jpg1923-07-17Anti-Treaty pamphlet 'Who stands for the Sovereignty of the Irish People?'DeValera, Eamonn; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF042a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet comparing the Sinn Fein Policy with the Pro Treaty policy.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF048.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet titled 'Violation of Padraig Pearse's Home'South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF044a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. "I am an Irish Republican But…" Unfavourably compares 1922 pro-treaty republicans with Tone and PearseCapuchin Archive
wm_CF044b.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. "Some Famous Irregulars" list of patriots including Emmet, Pearse and O'Donavan RossaCapuchin Archive
wm_CF046b.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. "When you have to MURDER the Best and Bravest Irishmen..."Capuchin Archive
wm_CF047a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. 'If you had answered the Will of the People in August 1914, you would all have gone to Flanders'Capuchin Archive
wm_CF047b.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. 'Merciless Tigers and Spineless Worms'Capuchin Archive
wm_CF046a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. 'What is an Irregular?'Capuchin Archive
wm_CF042b.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. Make the War Mongers pay for the war.Capuchin Archive
wm_CF043.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. Warns against Free State Army shooting former comradesCapuchin Archive
wm_CF006.jpg.jpg1918Card dated 1918 sent from Holloway Jail signed by ‘Constance de Markievicz, I.R.A.’ and Kathleen Clarke.Markievicz, Constance; Clarke, Kathleen; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF035d.jpg.jpg1916-05-30Catholic Bulletin Censored with blank pagesCapuchin Archive
wm_CF011e.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Con Colbert's Memoriam cardCapuchin Archive
wm_CF001.jpg.jpg1916-04-30Copy letter from Fr. Albert Bibby concerning Sean Heuston’s execution.Capuchin Archive