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wm_circus8.jpg.jpg2013Artist and George McCormack, showman (seated). George came from a show family. Irish Australia was one of the first shows he worked with after leaving his own family show. He looked after the generator, drove and painted with this show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus14.jpg.jpg1950Artists on day off at Enniscrone Beach, Co. Sligo.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus19.jpg.jpg2013Benny, showman, with his dog Tarzan, outside George McCormack's Aunt Violet's wagon.Mayon; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus22.jpg.jpg1940Bertram Mills CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus45.jpg.jpg1950Bertrum Mills Circus trailerMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus27.jpg.jpg1926Billy Smart's Circus, one of the McCormack's is ringmaster.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus1.jpg.jpg2013Bobby Fossett and a German Artist, Fossett's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus43.jpg.jpg2013Chipperfield's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus30.jpg.jpg1950Chipperfield's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus29.jpg.jpg2013Circus CyclistMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus50.jpg.jpg2013Corvenieoe's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus28.jpg.jpg1926Corvenioe's Circus, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus18.jpg.jpg1940Couple, Joe and wife, owners and managers of a Bazaar show.O'Sullivan, Aggie; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus31.jpg.jpg2013Divebomber machine with its owner, Betty Williams and co-workers.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus56.jpg.jpg2013Early Twentieth Century Circus in Ireland.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus32.jpg.jpg2013Fossett's Circus on a ground.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus38.jpg.jpg1940George McCormackMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus34.jpg.jpg1960George McCormack (on right)McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus26.jpg.jpg1930George McCormack as child, at family wagon tour.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus52.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack in centre back carrying dish shaped object: a "cluster" circus light. Men in foreground are putting up the "wallings" of the tent as the sides are called. They are on stilts to do this.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne