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wm_img112b.jpg.jpg1916-04-24The back of Sean Connolly's memorial card.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; Connolly Family
wm_img109.jpg.jpg1897Belfast Fire Brigade ambulance.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; O'Luanaigh, Liam
wm_DSC_0591Adj.jpg.jpg2012Brass trimmed leather helmet from the Powers Whiskey Distillery fire brigade.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_DSC_0595Adj.jpg.jpg2012Caps were introduced c.1910 for motor drivers to indicate thier qualification.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_IMG0041.jpg.jpg1890Captain Boyle (in top hat) with Shand Mason steamer and firemen at whitehorse yard c1890.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; DFB museum
wm_DSCF4366.jpg.jpg1916Captain Purcell's map of affected areas of Dublin 1916.Fallon, Las; Purcell, Thomas; Purcell Family
wm_DSCF4362.jpg.jpg1916Captain Purcell's map of the destruction, Easter week 1916.Fallon, Las; Purcell, Thomas; Purcell Family
wm_cover001a.jpg.jpg2012Captain Purcells notes on the Rebellion from his private papers.Fallon, Las; Purcell, Family
wm_Cover002.jpg.jpg2012Chief officer Purcell's estimate of the damage, Easter week 1916.Fallon, Las; Purcell, Family
wm_DSC_0608Adj.jpg.jpg2012Chief Officer Thomas P. Purcell's helmet.Fallon, Las; Power, David; Purcell Family, DFB Museum
wm_IMG096.jpg.jpg1922The cinema ambulance during the battle of Dublin 1922. Illustrated London News.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; Illustrated London News
wm_BookImage2.jpg.jpg2014The cinema ambulance pictured pushes its way through a crowd.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_DSC_0161.jpg.jpg1872Clayton wheeled street escape ladder. Dublin 1872Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; DFB Museum
wm_DSC_0160.jpg.jpg1872Clayton wheeled street escape ladder. Dublin 1872Fallon, Las; DFB Museum
wm_MotorDriver.jpg.jpg2012Close up of early cap showing qualification on front.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; Smart, Colm
wm_Horse-drawn unit.jpg.jpg1921-05-25DFB aerial ladder arriving at Customs House 25 May 1921.Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las; Fallon, Las
wm_IMG095G.jpg.jpg2012DFB brass numbers.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_DSC_0596Adj.jpg.jpg2012Dublin city fire brigade cap pin.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_DSC_0597Adj.jpg.jpg2012Dublin city fire brigade cap pin.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_IMG095a.jpg.jpg2012Dublin Corporation cap badge worn by waterworks turncocks attached to the Dublin Fire Brigade.Fallon, Las; Power, David