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2011-08-30T09:24:54ZComtec Mosaic Quake 1999 (B)South Dublin County Council; McGivern, Fiona; Brien, Valerie; O'Connor, Charlie; Hennessy, Lorraine; Crowe, Sean
wm_T2000_010.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/10:Tallaght Community RadioHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_011.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/11: Full of enthusiasm, young girls from Tallaght Traveller Youth Service in Brookfield are full of ideasHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_012.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/12: An example of the gifts and talents from the youth of TallaghtHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_013.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/13: Not on our holidaysHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_015.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/15: Donomore - shell of an old carHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_016.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/16: Admiring the Chickens at Tallaght Animal SanctuaryHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_017.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/17: All set for the first day at schoolHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_018.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/18: Youngsters in FettercairnHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_019.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/19: Men at work improving the roads in OldbawnHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_001.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/1: Children from Tallaght's travelling community enjoying arts and craftsHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_020.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/20: Making sure we get our mailHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_021.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/21 Young lads in Mountain Park enjoying the sights!Hennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_021.jpg.jpg2011-06-08T2000/21: Young lads in Mountain Park enjoying the sights!Hennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_023.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/23: Waiting for the bus, Tallaght VillageHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_024.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/24: Alternative green transport, TallaghtHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_025.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/25: Getting ready for Halloween, AvonbegHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_026.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/26: All dressed up for Trick or Treating, TallaghtHennessy, Lorraine
2011-05-30T2000/27: Young and old busy at Fettercairn MarketHennessy, Lorraine
wm_T2000_029.jpg.jpg2011-05-30T2000/29: Happy days at St Thomas' School, JobstownHennessy, Lorraine