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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_JK217.jpg.jpg19171917 postcard to the Irish National Aid Association and Volunteer Dependents' FundKane, Joe
wm_JK208.jpg.jpg19661966 ten shilling commemorative coin, Obverse and reverse.Kane, Joe
wm_JK210.jpg.jpg196622 carat 4 oz gold coin issued in 1966 for the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.Vincze, Paul; Kane, Joe
wm_JK215.jpg.jpg1922-12-30British stamps overprinted with "Rialtas Sealadach na hÉireann 1922" (Provisional Government of Ireland)and "Saorstát Éireann 1922" (Irish Free State)Kane, Joe
wm_JK182a.jpg.jpg1914-07-28Cheque drawn on the Royal Bank of Ireland, dated 1914, signed by Patrick PearseKane, Joe
wm_JK213.jpg.jpg1966Commemorative stick pin from 1966 in silver. Stylised amalgamation of the numbers 1 9 1 and 6.Kane, Joe
wm_JK219.jpg.jpg1938Cover of booklet. Easter Week Commemoration 1938. Names of leaders.Kane, Joe
wm_JK216a.jpg.jpg1966First Day Cover Roger Casement 1966Kane, Joe
wm_JK216b.jpg.jpg1970First Day Cover Sean McDermott 1970Kane, Joe
wm_JK211.jpg.jpg1966Golden Jubilee of the Easter Rising First Day Cover. 1966.Kane, Joe
wm_JK181.jpg.jpg1922Memoriam card for Michael Collins.Kane, Joe
wm_JK182b.jpg.jpg1914-05-09Obverse and reverse of a cheque drawn on the Royal Bank of Ireland, dated 1914, signed by William Pearse, PER PRO P H Pearse.Kane, Joe
wm_JK212.jpg.jpg1920-01-21Republic of Ireland Fundraising - Ten Dollars Republic of Ireland Bond.DeValera, Eamon; Kane, Joe
wm_DSC_0814a.jpg.jpg1966Silver commemorative dish issued in 1966 for the 50th Anniversary of 1916Kane, Joe
wm_JK207.jpg.jpg1916A sketch book containing a handwritten and illuminated account of the 1916 Rising written by Father Aloysius, OFM, Cap.Travers, Fr. Aloysius OFM CAP; Kane, Joe