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wm_BritishSoldiersWithAuxiliaries.jpg.jpg1921British soldiers with two Auxiliaries examining revolvers captured from IRA Volunteers, seen surrendered in background.Mercier Press
wm_BurningOfTheCustomHouseDublin-4-May1921jpg.jpg.jpg1921-05-25The burning of the Dublin Custom HouseMercier Press
wm_ChildrenCarryingTimberFromSackvilleStreet-DublinAfterTheSinnFeinRising.jpg.jpg1916Children scavenging for firewood during the RisingMercier Press
wm_Riot1913Lockout.jpg.jpg1913A DMP baton charge in Sackville Street Dublin during the 1913 LockoutMercier Press
wm_FinalAssualtSackvilleSt.jpg.jpg1922-07-04Final assault on the Republican positions in Sackville St. 8 p.m., Tuesday the 4th of July 1922Mercier Press
wm_FreeStateSniper.jpg.jpg1922A free state sniper takes aim from the window of a house in Sackville StreetMercier Press
wm_FreeStateSoldierCivilwar.jpg.jpg1922A Free State soldier in conversation with a group of DublinersMercier Press
wm_FreeStateSoldiersFiringFromWindow.jpg.jpg1922Free state soldiers firing from a window during the fighting in DublinMercier Press
wm_FiringInWindowsOfTheGreshamHotel.jpg.jpg1922Free state soldiers firing through a window of the Gresham HotelMercier Press
wm_GreshamHotelAblaze.jpg.jpg1922Gresham Hotel on fire during the Battle of DublinMercier Press
wm_IRAVolunteersInGraftonStreet.jpg.jpg1922IRA Volunteers patrolling Grafton Street, DublinMercier Press
wm_IRAVolunteersSurrendering.jpg.jpg1922IRA Volunteers surrendering to the Free State ArmyMercier Press
wm_CrowdGateDublinCastle.jpg.jpg1921A large crowd gathered at the gates of Dublin Castle after the Truce is announced.Mercier Press
wm_DublinCastle1921.jpg.jpg1921-07-11A large crowd gathered at the gates of Dublin Castle after the Truce is announced.Mercier Press
wm_MichaelCollinsAddressingCrowd1922.jpg.jpg1922Michael Collins addressing a public meeting at College Green DublinMercier Press
wm_CollinsatGriffithsFuneral.jpg.jpg1922Michael Collins and Richard Mulcahy at Arthur Griffith's funeral procession as it approaches Glasnevin Cemetery.Mercier Press
wm_CollinsRepublicanBonds.jpg.jpg1922Michael Collins sits at a table and signs Republican or Dail BondsMercier Press
wm_MollyChildersMarySpring-RiceAsgard.jpg.jpg1914-07-26Molly Childers and Mary Spring Rice aboard the AsgardMercier Press
wm_TheyAreAwaitingTheDay-Non-CommissionedOfficersOfTheIrishBrigadeInGermanyWhoDiscardedTheRedAndDonnedTheGreen.jpg.jpg1914NCOs of Casement's Irish Brigade photographed in ZossenCasement, Roger; Mercier Press
wm_17PadraigPearseSurrenders.jpg.jpg1916Patrick Pearse surrenders to Brigadier-General WHM Lowe. To Pearse's right, partially obscured, stands Nurse Elizabeth O'Farrell.Mercier Press