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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_Scan002.jpg.jpg1913-06-181913 Postcard "On His Majesty's Service" addressed to Brigadier A.E. Sandbach. C.B., D.S.O. of the Royal Engineers.Mullen, John
wm_scan012c.jpg.jpg1918-12-141918 Election promotional flag for Sinn FeinMullen, John
wm_scan017c.jpg.jpg1940Anti-partition stamp showing the Union Flag covering six counties and bearing the legend "Aiseirghe"Mullen, John
wm_scan009b.jpg.jpg1921British Troops in Kildare Street 1921Mullen, John
wm_scan015.jpg.jpg1923Envelope dated 1923 showing "On His Majesty's Service" "Post Office" overprinted with "Rialtas Sealadach na hEireann" and "Aireacht an Phuist"Mullen, John
wm_scan013.jpg.jpg1921-05-21Envelope showing "IRA Censor" markMullen, John
wm_scan014.jpg.jpg1922-02-17Envelope with postmark on "Rialtas Sealadach na hEireann" overprinted British Stamp. Date was the first day the overprinted stamp was issued.Mullen, John
wm_scan006b.jpg.jpg1965First day cover 1965. Return of Roger Casement's remains to IrelandMullen, John
wm_Scan001b.jpg.jpg1916-04-25Letter dated 25th of April 1916. Opened by British Censor and labelled accordingly.Mullen, John
wm_scan012b.jpg.jpg1922Michael Collins in the uniform of Chief of Staff of the Free State ArmyMullen, John
wm_Scan001c.jpg.jpg1913Penny Orange Stamp "Patriots Maintain the Union"Mullen, John
wm_scan012a.jpg.jpg1919Photograph of First Dail taken outside the Mansion House.Mullen, John
wm_Scan001a.jpg.jpg1913Political Label "We Will Not Have Home Rule" featuring Sir Edward Carson.Mullen, John
wm_scan008b.jpg.jpg1916Postcard "Eden Quay from O'Connell Bridge"Mullen, John
wm_scan003b.jpg.jpg1916Postcard "Holding a Dublin Street against the Rebels. The Irish Rebellion. May 1916"Mullen, John
wm_scan004b.jpg.jpg1916Postcard "Inside the General Post Office. The Irish Rebellion. May 1916"Mullen, John
wm_scan005d.jpg.jpg1916Postcard "Irish Rebellion May 1916. Arrest of Edmund Kent at 4 am. He was subsequently shot."Mullen, John
wm_scan005a.jpg.jpg1916Postcard "Sinn Fein Rebellion 1916. Hotel Metropole and Post Office Dublin"Mullen, John
wm_scan003c.jpg.jpg1916Postcard "Soldiers Holding a Dublin Street. The Irish Rebellion. May 1916"Mullen, John
wm_scan005e.jpg.jpg1916Postcard featuring Countess Markievicz. Poetry inscribed within Celtic motifs.Mullen, John