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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_0_Cover.jpg.jpg2013-09-171913 Lockout information pack for late primary and early secondary schoolsPower, David; South Dublin Libraries Local Studies; Yeates, Padraig; Power, David
wm_1914.jpg.jpg1917-091914 Star with claspBlakemore, W.H.J.; Power, David
wm_Cover3_jpg.jpg.jpg2015-09-211916 Centenary information pack for late primary/early secondary schoolsPower, David; Power, David; South Dublin Libraries, Local Studies
wm_1922MedalNonCombatantReverse.jpg.jpg19411917-1921 Non-Combatant's medal.Power, David
wm_DSC_1130.jpg.jpg1921-12-30A 1919 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, nicknamed the 'moon car' because of its use at night in Cork by an IRA unitPower, David; Curragh Military Museum
wm_PC232_TIF.jpg.jpg1914Artist Chromolithographic Postcard "At duty’s call, it’s hard to say goodbye"Power, David
wm_DSC_1815.jpg.jpg2011Baldonnel Aerodrome AgustaWestland 139 helicopterPower, David
wm_DSC_1824.jpg.jpg1938Baldonnel Aerodrome Baldonnel Aerodrome ammunition/weapons store-roomsPower, David
wm_DSC_1820.jpg.jpg1917Baldonnel Aerodrome Baldonnel Aerodrome exterior of museum hangar with fire tenderPower, David
wm_DSC_1803.jpg.jpg1915Baldonnel Aerodrome bombing towerPower, David
wm_DSC_1823.jpg.jpg2011Baldonnel Aerodrome Cessna instrument panelPower, David
wm_DSC_1806.jpg.jpg1891Baldonnel Aerodrome Congested Districts Board housePower, David
wm_DSC_1829.jpg.jpg1938Baldonnel Aerodrome Officers' Married QuartersPower, David
wm_DSC_1808.jpg.jpg1917Baldonnel Aerodrome Royal Flying Corps work shedsPower, David; Power, David
wm_DSC_1788.jpg.jpg1764Baldonnel Kilbride cemetery. Grave marker of Bartholomew Caffery of Quinsborough & family.Bartholomew Caffery died 5th Oct 1764 age 58 yearsPower, David
wm_DSC_1783.jpg.jpg1809Baldonnel Kilbride cemetery. Gravestone of Capt. Nicholas Begg of City Quay Dublin and his wife.Power, David
wm_DSC_1791.jpg.jpg1929Baldonnel Kilbride cemetery. Stephen McNally Died Feb. 25 1929 aged 60Power, David
wm_DSC_1796.jpg.jpg1500Baldonnel Kilbride Church and cemetery. Various views.Power, David
wm_DSC_1786.jpg.jpg1500Baldonnel Kilbride Church doorwayPower, David
wm_DSC_1787.jpg.jpg1909Baldonnel Kilbride Graveyard. Grave marker In loving memory of William P Dowling of Commons ClondalkinPower, David