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St Endas 100 with OCR.pdf.jpg2008; 2008100 Years of St. Enda's SchoolSouth Dublin Libraries; Allen, Colette
wm_DSC_1077.jpg.jpg1908A 1908 Pattern British Army leather bandolier reputed to have been used by an Irish Volunteer during the 1916 Rising.South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
Lockout Exhibition.pdf.jpg20131913 Lockout ExhibitionSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_Urney_1.jpg.jpg1938-08-021938 Statement from Urney Chocolates, TallaghtSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_Aerial02_now.jpg.jpg19951995 Aerial view of Tallaght including part of Roadstone Quarry and Oscar ParkSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_Aerial04_Now.jpg.jpg19951995 Aerial view showing undeveloped area near Roadstone quarrySouth Dublin Libraries
wm_Adamstown2.jpg.jpg1930Adamstown Castle, Lucan/Clondalkin.South Dublin Libraries
wm_archiv0070.jpg.jpg1928The airmen after visiting Paul Von HindenburgSouth Dublin Libraries; South Dublin Libraries
wm_Wh183AliceLyonsKathleenMcKennaEllieLyons.jpg.jpg1921-07-14Alice Lyons, Kathleen McKenna and Ellie Lyons at the Anglo Irish Negotiations in London.South Dublin Libraries
wm_Wh178ReturningToDublinPostNegotiations.jpg.jpg1921-10Anglo Irish Treaty Delegation returning to Dublin after the Treaty negotiationsSouth Dublin Libraries
wm_CF058.jpg.jpg1923Anti-Free State Army pamphlet 'To the memory of Five Brave Irishmen who died for Ireland' Executed in Kilmainham Jail January 8th 1923South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF055.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Free State cartoon reputedly drawn by Countess Markievicz "Craig shoots Republicans in the North, Collins in the South"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF054.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Free State hand tinted cartoon reputedly drawn by Countess MarkieviczSouth Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF051.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Free State Pamphlet comparing RIC and Free State Soldiers taking "guns and orders from England"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF059.jpg.jpg1923Anti-Free State pamphlet headed "The British Empire Unlimited"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF050a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Free State Pamphlet titled 'The New Terror'Capuchin Archive; South Dublin Libraries
wm_CF050a.jpg.jpg1922Anti-treaty pamphlet "Arthur Griffith and M Collins are marching... over the bodies of their murdered comrades"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF048.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet titled 'Violation of Padraig Pearse's Home'South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archive
wm_CF045b.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. "We are fighting our way into the British Empire"South Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives
wm_CF050b.jpg.jpg1922Anti-Treaty Pamphlet. Seven Steps towards the RepublicSouth Dublin Libraries; Capuchin Archives