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wm_DSC_0579.jpg.jpg19411916 Medal awarded to Daniel Brophy.The Brophy family
wm_DP047.jpg.jpg19531953 Pension Award increase documentThe Brophy family
wm_BeggarsBushNamesReverse.jpg.jpg1963-06-11Association of Old Dublin Brigade Balance Sheet dated 11th of June 1963.The Brophy family
wm_DP028.jpg.jpg1924Daniel Brophy's letter re a sum of money payable to assist in returning to civilian lifeThe Brophy family
wm_DP021.jpg.jpg1921-12-07Daniel Brophy's parole request dated 20th December 1921 addressed to the Commandant of BallykinlarThe Brophy family
wm_DP030.jpg.jpg1924Daniel Brophy's resignation of commission letterBrophy, Daniel; The Brophy family
wm_DP048.jpg.jpg1924Death Mask of Michael Collins by Albert Power RHAPower, Albert; The Brophy family
wm_DP041.jpg.jpg1950Dublin Brigade Reunion photo. Fifth from the front, at the table is reputed to be Simon DonnellyThe Brophy family
wm_DP016.jpg.jpg1935Easter Week Memorial Committee invitation letter to GPO Garrison members to attend a signing, in November 1935, of the 1916 Roll of HonourThe Brophy family
wm_DSC_0580.jpg.jpg1923Framed photograph of Daniel Brophy in Free State Uniform with his son.Framed photograph of Daniel Brophy in Free State Uniform with his son.The Brophy family
wm_DP046.jpg.jpg1925Free State Army Pension Award document to Daniel BrophyThe Brophy family
wm_DSC_0582.jpg.jpg1922Front page of "The Plain People" newspaper showing an Anti-Treaty cartoon titled "Changing the Guard".The Brophy family
wm_DP026.jpg.jpg1923Letter advising of new pay rate for Daniel BrophyThe Brophy family
wm_DP029.jpg.jpg1924Letter re. Daniel Brophy's supplementary demobilisation grantThe Brophy family
wm_DP045.jpg.jpg1924Military Service Pensions Act document 1924 showing Daniel Brophy's service.The Brophy family
wm_DP020.jpg.jpg1921-01-27Order under regulation no. 14b of the Restoration of Order in Ireland act sentencing Daniel BrophyThe Brophy family
wm_BeggarsBushFlat.jpg.jpg1922-02-04Panograph (panoramic) photograph showing a large group of Free State soldiers. Caption reads "The Guards - Beggars Bush. Irish Republican Army February 4th 1922The Brophy family
wm_DSC_0581.jpg.jpg1916Pocket Bible found by Daniel Brophy in the ruins of the Metropole Hotel in 1916The Brophy family
wm_DP025.jpg.jpg1921Poster from October 15th and 16th (1921?). Issued by "Ballykinlar Players" internees to advertise two playsMulkerns, Seamus; O'Byrne, Padraig; Yeats, William Butler; McCarthy, J Bernard; The Brophy family
wm_DP027.jpg.jpg1923-03-26Promotion document from the 26th of March 1923 to Col. Daniel BrophyThe Brophy family