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wm_ExecutedMenNextofKin.jpg.jpg19161916 Rising - List of men executed, with details of aid advanced to their dependents, following the Rebellion of 1916The National Library of Ireland
wm_SurrenderLowe.jpg.jpg1916Brigadier Lowe's signed instructions as to where and how surrenders of the 1916 participants will be accepted.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DCS_0425.jpg.jpg1916Contemporary newspaper cartoon showing Lancers on horseback under fire galloping down Sackville Street.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0543.jpg.jpg1914Cover of British Government document. Minutes of Evidence of the Royal Commission regarding the landing of guns at Howth.The National Library of Ireland
wm_MansionHouse.jpg.jpg1921A crowd gathered outside the Mansion House in Dublin, one day before a truce was signed in the War of IndependenceThe National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0541.jpg.jpg1915Cumann Na mBan fundraising pamphlet for the Appeal for the Defence of Ireland FundThe National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0538.jpg.jpg1914Cutting from "The Irish Volunteer" newspaper . "The rifle is the keystone of Liberty"The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0548e.jpg.jpg1914Detailed account, in Eoin MacNeill's handwriting, of the landing of arms at Howth.Hobson, Bulmer; The National Library of Ireland
wm_DMP_letter_re_the_half_proclamation.jpg.jpg1916DMP letter relating to the discovery of a number of half-proclamations in Liberty HallThe National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0509.jpg.jpg1916Forensic photo, with accompanying note, of Patrick Pearse's 7.65mm pistol and holster given to Gen. Lowe on surrendering.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0431.jpg.jpg1920-05-08Government of the Irish Republic 5 per cent loan certificate signed by Michael Collins.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0499c.jpg.jpg1916-05-02Handwritten 5 page Roll containing names of prisoners at Arbour Hill Detention Barracks. Dated 2nd May 1916. Signed by B. Cotton.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0512.jpg.jpg1916-04-22Handwritten note from Eoin McNeill dated 22nd April 1916. Address "Woodtown Park Rathfarnham" embossed at the top. Note reads "Volunteers completely deceived. All orders for special action are hereby cancelled, and on no account will action be taken".MacNeill, Eoin; The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0476.jpg.jpg1915-06-21Irish Volunteers General Orders memo dated June 21st 1915. Headed "Abuse of Firearms".The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0476.jpg.jpg1915-06-21Irish Volunteers General Orders memo dated June 21st 1915. Headed "Abuse of Firearms".Pearse, Patrick; The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0475c.jpg.jpg1914-08-12Irish Volunteers Uniform Subcommittee report dated August 12th 1914Pearse, Patrick MacNeill, Eoin Kettle, Laurence J; The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0492.jpg.jpg1916-04-29Letter dated 29th of April 1916 from Major Thomas A Salt, Staff Officer to Colonel Portal DSO in Dublin Castle, to General Lowe reporting the closing of anti-rebellion operationsThe National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0494.jpg.jpg1916Letter from General Lowe to petition for clemency for Nurse Elizabeth O'Farrell.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0433.jpg.jpg1920Letter from Patrick Pearse’s sister to an unnamed correspondent regarding a lost play written by him.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0501.jpg.jpg1916Letter of thanks from King George to General Maxwell thanking the troops, RIC and DMP for their sucessful quelling of the rebellion.The National Library of Ireland