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wm_ER8.jpg.jpg2011-05-13“Before and After” Sinn Fein Rebellion-
wm_ER5.jpg.jpg2011-05-13The Burning of Sackville Street, Dublin [Sinn Fein Rebellion, 1916]-
wm_MotorCar.jpg.jpg1919Burnt-out car used as a barricade in the ruins of Sackville Street, Dublin 1916.The Manchester Guardian History of the War 1914-18
wm_ChildrenCarryingTimberFromSackvilleStreet-DublinAfterTheSinnFeinRising.jpg.jpg1916Children scavenging for firewood during the RisingMercier Press
wm_SackvilleStreet2.jpg.jpg2014-12-08Circa 1900 glass slide view of Sackville Street from O'Connell BridgeSouth Dublin Libraries, Local Studies
wm_DCS_0425.jpg.jpg1916Contemporary newspaper cartoon showing Lancers on horseback under fire galloping down Sackville Street.The National Library of Ireland
wm_SackvilleFromAbove.jpg.jpg1919Destruction north of Sackville Street after the 1916 RisingThe Manchester Guardian History of the War 1914-18
wm_Riot1913Lockout.jpg.jpg1913A DMP baton charge in Sackville Street Dublin during the 1913 LockoutMercier Press
wm_AD007.jpg.jpg1921Free state armoured car outside the Tramway Offices in Sackville Street. A building burns in the background.South Dublin Libraries - Local Studies
wm_FreeStateSniper.jpg.jpg1922A free state sniper takes aim from the window of a house in Sackville StreetMercier Press
wm_DR049a.jpg.jpg1922Free State soldier having a field dressing applied to his head outside a bicycle shop in Sackville StreetDun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Library
wm_20PO-1A34-18.jpg.jpg1922Free State soldiers walking across Sackville Street toward the Gresham Hotel. Armoured car to left of photograph.Kilmainham Gaol
wm_MackeyOConnell.jpg.jpg1922Free State troops forcing entry into Mackey's in Sackville Street.Pierce, George G.; Pierce, George G.
wm_GreshamHotel.jpg.jpg1922Free State troops forcing entry into the Gresham hotel, Sackville Street.Pierce, George G.
wm_GreshamHotelAblaze.jpg.jpg1922Gresham Hotel on fire during the Battle of DublinMercier Press
wm_Tank.jpg.jpg1919Improvised armoured car in front of the Granville Hotel on Sackville St. during the 1916 Rising.The Manchester Guardian History of the War 1914-18
wm_ER6.jpg.jpg2011-05-13Irish Rebellion, May 1916. Sackville Street in Ruins-
wm_O'Connell Bridge & Sackville St. Tucks Postcard c.1909.jpg.jpg1909O'Connell Bridge and Sackville Street DublinUnknown; Williams, Joe
1916-05Photograph from 'Irish Life History of the Rebellion' of Sackville Street as it appeared, destroyed, on the Monday following Easter Monday 1916Defence Forces Ireland Military Archives
1916-04Photograph from 'Irish Life History of the Rebellion' of Sackville Street as it appeared, intact, on Easter Monday morning 1916Defence Forces Ireland Military Archives