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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_Sackville St. after the Conflict. Back..jpg.jpg1916Sackville Street after the 1916 RisingUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Sackville Street & Bridge. Colemans Dublin..jpg.jpg1810Sackville Street and Carlisle Bridge c.1810Unknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Sackville Street. Valentines Dublin..jpg.jpg1900Sackville Street and O'Connell BridgeUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Sackville Street. George Byrne Stationer 10 Aungier Street..jpg.jpg1900Sackville Street and O'Connell Bridge DublinUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_Sackville Street. Lyre & Spottiswoode Ltd.jpg.jpg1900Sackville Street and O'Connell Bridge DublinWilliams, Joe
wm_Sackville Street. Delittle Fenwick &  Co. York.jpg.jpg1905Sackville Street at Dusk c.1905Unknown; Williams, Joe
wm_ER7.jpg.jpg2011-05-13Sackville Street opposite G.P.O., showing all that is standing of the Imperial Hotel and Messrs. Clery’s Drapery Establishment.-
wm_1043.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:37:24ZSaggartPatrick Healy
wm_1715.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:15:53ZSaggart 1837Patrick Healy
wm_4130.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:29:37ZSaggart 1922Father Browne S.J.
wm_Saggart 21.2.4_1.jpg.jpg1987Saggart 21.2.4_1: Saggart Graveyard. The Byrne Memorial, tomb of Edward Byrne, merchant, who died 1804, member of the Catholic Committee which petitioned George III for Catholic Relief, can be seen in the centre.Healy, Patrick
wm_Saggart 21.2.4_2.jpg.jpg1988Saggart 21.2.4_2: Saggart Graveyard with the Byrne Memorial just visible to the right.Healy, Patrick
wm_Saggart 21.2.4_3.jpg.jpg1988Saggart 21.2.4_3: Saggart Graveyard with recent interment in the centre.Healy, Patrick
wm_2491.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:04:40ZSaggart [Stone Cross]Patrick Healy
wm_5583.jpg.jpg2006-08-09; 2006-08-09The Saggart ArmsTomás Maher
wm_5585.jpg.jpg2006-08-09; 2006-08-09The Saggart ArmsTomás Maher
wm_4081.jpg.jpg1959-11-29; 1959-11-29Saggart CastlePatrick Healy
wm_11213041_1.jpg.jpg2002-01-01Saggart Catholic Church, Garters Lane, Saggart, South Dublin CountyNational Inventory of Architectural Heritage
wm_5594.jpg.jpg2006-08-09; 2006-08-09Saggart ChurchTomás Maher
wm_5582.jpg.jpg2006-08-09; 2006-08-09Saggart ChurchTomás Maher