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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_DSC_0599Adj.jpg.jpg2012U.S Civil war style firemans 'kepi' worn 1862 -1930.Fallon, Las; Power, David
wm_11202005_1.jpg.jpg2002-01-01; 2002-01-01Uncoursed rubble limestone boundary wall, Off Lucan Road, South Dublin CountyNational Inventory of Architectural Heritage
wm_DSC_0478.jpg.jpg1914Undated pamphlet "Conditions of the supply of Rifles to Irish Volunteer Corps"The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0477.jpg.jpg1914Undated typed letter by Eoin MacNeill and Laurence J Kettle. "To the People of Ireland" concerning the growing numbers of volunteers.MacNeill, Eoin; Kettle, Laurence J; The National Library of Ireland
wm_85.jpg.jpg1920Under frightful difficulties, our troops carry supplies over destroyed bridges on Yser canalGirdwood, Charles Hilton DeWitt; South Dublin Libraries Local Studies
wm_123.jpg.jpg1920Under Star and Crescent. Sultan's infantry routed so dramatically by Allenby. Vale of JezreelGirdwood, Charles Hilton DeWitt; South Dublin Libraries Local Studies
wm_Quaker Photo_026 (BO2).jpg.jpg1969Underexposed Photograph of a Property in the Quaker Village of Ballitore, Co. KildareSchool of Architecture, DIT Bolton Street; Cruise, Aidan; Fewer, Michael
wm_1424.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:55:08ZUnderground Cellars, Ballymount CastleUnknown
wm_DSC_0335c4.jpg.jpg1929Underside of Jacobs 'Lucky Wheel' Biscuit tin.Power, David; Bewley, Jonathon
wm_DSC_0316c2.jpg.jpg1939Underside of Jacobs Butterfly tin.Power, David; Bewley, Jonathon
wm_DSC_0321c2.jpg.jpg1936Underside of Jacobs Coronation biscuit tin.Power, David; Bewley, Jonathon
wm_DSC_0340c2.jpg.jpg1936Underside of Jacobs Dutch biscuit tin.Power, David; Bewley, Jonathon
wm_DSC_0320c2.jpg.jpg1906Underside of Jacobs See-Saw Biscuit tin.Power, David; Bewley, Jonathon
wm_86.jpg.jpg1920Unexpected, our "moppers up" come to grips with Jerries lurking in a captured villageGirdwood, Charles Hilton DeWitt; South Dublin Libraries Local Studies
wm_Unidentified Man & Woman Outside House.jpg.jpg1950Unidentified Man and Woman c.1950Unknown; Williams, Joe
wm_DSC_0550.jpg.jpg1914-07-26An unidentified volunteer stands on the wall of Howth pier in full uniform with a signalling flag.The National Library of Ireland
wm_4705.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:51:39ZUnion Miniere Mine at Jadotville, September 1961Unknown
wm_G_DOC20_HB_0011b.jpg.jpg1924-08-11Unionist Pamphlet: The Case for Ulster.Belfast Telegraph; Belfast Telegraph
wm_F_DOC20_HB_0009.jpg.jpg1924-08-02Unionist Pamphlet: Ulster and PeaceBelfast Telegraph; Belfast Telegraph
wm_H_DOC20_HB_0013b.jpg.jpg1924-07-09Unionist Pamphlet: Ulster Facts and the Ulster Question.Belfast Telegraph