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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_11201016_1.jpg.jpg2002-01-01; 2002-01-01Freestanding cast-iron water pump, Cooldrinagh Lane, South Dublin CountyNational Inventory of Architectural Heritage
wm_140.jpg.jpg1920French 75s returning to Chemin des Dames pass prisoners taken in our drive near St.QuentinGirdwood, Charles Hilton DeWitt; South Dublin Libraries Local Studies
wm_img163.jpg.jpg1918French Croix de GuerrePower, David
wm_4082.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:44:28ZFrench Park, Pigeon HousePatrick Healy
wm_AlbertPostcardBack.jpg.jpg1915-01-17French postcard showing the toppled Blessed Virgin statue atop the basilica in Albert, France.Power, David
wm_1975.jpg.jpg1977-03-20; 1977-03-20FrescatiPatrick Healy
wm_1341.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:54:39ZFriar's Walk, St. Mary's PrioryUnknown
wm_1340.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:54:43ZFriar's Walk, St. Mary's PrioryUnknown
wm_1826.jpg.jpg1976-11-07; 1976-11-07FriarstownPatrick Healy
wm_4068.jpg.jpg1988-07-03; 1988-07-03Friarstown [Bridge]Patrick Healy
wm_2053.jpg.jpg1976-11-07; 1976-11-07Friarstown GlenPatrick Healy
wm_5922.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:58:28ZFriarstown HouseMichael Fewer
wm_Friarstown House 3 c2004.jpg.jpg2009-11-30Friarstown HouseFewer, Michael
wm_Friarstown House 2 c2004.jpg.jpg2009-11-30Friarstown HouseFewer, Michael
wm_2055.jpg.jpg1977-02-13; 1977-02-13Friarstown House, BackPatrick Healy
wm_2054.jpg.jpg1977-02-13; 1977-02-13Friarstown House, FrontPatrick Healy
wm_Friarstown House, old barn c2004.jpg.jpg2009-11-30Friarstown House, old barnFewer, Michael
wm_2056.jpg.jpg1977-02-13; 1977-02-13Friarstown House, StablesPatrick Healy
Friends Meeting Houses - 2.pdf.jpg1969Friends Meeting Houses 2Walsh, A.J.; School of Architecture, DIT Bolton Street; Cruise, Aidan; Fewer, Michael
FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION CLONDALKIN.pdf.jpg2009-09-07T16:27:54ZFrom Generation to Generation: Clondalkin, Village, Parish and NeighbourhoodByrne, Roy H. and Ann Graham