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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_2339.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:06:44ZHall's Barn, 1742Patrick Healy
wm_1963.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:53:22ZHall's Barn, 1900Unknown
wm_1097.jpg.jpg1984-08-29; 1984-08-29Halliday's GravePatrick Healy
wm_Ruined hamlet hellfire Hill 2 1994.jpg.jpg2009-11-28Hamlet on Hell Fire HillFewer, Michael
wm_Ruined Hamlet Hellfire Hill 1994.jpg.jpg2009-11-28Hamlet on Hell Fire Hill, 1994Fewer, Michael
DOC20_GW_V1.pdf.jpg1919Hammerton's A Popular History of the Great War. Volume I 1914Hammerton, J.A.
wm_Hampstead_004.jpg.jpg2000Hampstead private hospital, whitehall DublinFewer, Michael; Fewer, Michael
wm_1913_RotundaMeeting.jpg.jpg1913-11-25Handbill announcing the inaugural meeting of the Irish Volunteers on the 25th November 1913National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0499c.jpg.jpg1916-05-02Handwritten 5 page Roll containing names of prisoners at Arbour Hill Detention Barracks. Dated 2nd May 1916. Signed by B. Cotton.The National Library of Ireland
wm_DSC_0323.jpg.jpg1915-12-09Handwritten and signed letter from Patrick Pearse on St. Enda’s headed notepaper. dated 9th December 1915,Pearse, Patrick; The Allen Library, Bro. Allen Collection
wm_DSC_0324.jpg.jpg1914-09-11Handwritten and signed letter from William Pearse to a Mr. O’CallaghanPearse, William; The Allen Library, Bro. Allen Collection
wm_DSC_0329.jpg.jpg1914-03-13Handwritten and signed letter, on "Irish Worker" Liberty Hall headed paper, from James Connolly. Dated March 13th 1914.Connolly, James; The Allen Library, Bro. Allen Collection
wm_DSC_0325.jpg.jpg1913-07-16Handwritten and signed letterheaded bill, dated 16th July 1913, in Thomas Clarke’s handwriting to a John Daly in Limerick.The Allen Library
wm_GNS297__.jpg.jpg1916Handwritten first hand account, by a member of the Dublin Irish Volunteer Training Corps describing the Battle of Mount StreetDublin Diocesan Archive, for transcription; Member 'Helpjpl' of the Great War Forum, for additional information
wm_SeanMcDermottBack.jpg.jpg1915-11-13Handwritten Letter by Seán McDermott, on 'Nationality' headed paper, requesting a food delivery to Arbour Hill prison.McDermott, Sean; The Breslin family
wm_GNS286b_.jpg.jpg1916Handwritten letter dated July 1916 from Alice Stopford Green to Archbishop William Walsh re her visit to Roger CasementDublin Diocesan Archive
wm_IMG080.jpg.jpg1922Handwritten letter from Count Plunkett, with original envelope and wax seal, to Archbishop Byrne pleading to reinstate the Spiritual Rights of Republican prisoners.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_Page1.jpg.jpg1764-06-20Handwritten Letter from Marguerite Brooke in Elsinore, Denmark to her mother. With transcription.Brooke, Marguerite; Lefroy, Laetitia
wm_Page4.jpg.jpg1767-11-09Handwritten Letter from Marguerite Brooke in St. Petersburg to "Dear Matty"Brooke, Marguerite; Lefroy, Laetitia
wm_Page4.jpg.jpg1766-07-21Handwritten Letter from Marguerite Brooke in St. Petersburg to "Ennio"Brooke, Marguerite; Lefroy, Laetitia