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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07-11T13:35:43ZJohn Cranny and Jack Carroll Heritage InterviewSouth Dublin County Council, Heritage; Cranny, John; Carroll, Jack; The Sink, The Long Graveyard
wm_4845.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:21:26ZJohn Dunne, Calliaghstown, and Dick Flynn, SaggartUnknown
wm_4933.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:22:22ZJohn Dwyer, Brownstown, NewcastleUnknown
wm_4738.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:59:14ZJohn Gorman & Jadotville Commemorative MonumentUnknown
wm_4736.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:47:50ZJohn Gorman in the CongoUnknown
wm_04.0423.jpg.jpg1916-04-23John Kilgallon and Peter Slattery in Irish Volunteer uniform, outside the garage in St. Enda'sThe Pearse Museum
wm_04.0427.jpg.jpg1916-04-20John Kilgallon in Irish Volunteer uniform, St. Enda's, Holy Thursday, 1916.The Pearse Museum
wm_4192.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:50:51ZJohn Lee's Cottage, Glasamucky, GlenasmoleTomás Maher
wm_5058.jpg.jpg2006-05-05; 2006-05-05John MacBride, 1916 Executed Leaders Plot NameW. Galligan
wm_2793.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:38:13ZJohn Rocque [Map of] Dubin Bay 1760Patrick Healy
wm_2650.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T15:40:16ZJohn Rocque, 1760, Dublin BayPatrick Healy
2015John S. BellinghamO'Keeffe, Maurice; Bellingham, John S.
wm_Postcard Map Dublin - Wicklow.jpg.jpg1910John Walker & Co. Geographical Series postcard (no. 507) of Counties Dublin and Wicklow.John Walker & Co. London; Williams, Joe
wm_4876.jpg.jpg2009-09-07T14:22:44ZJohn, Tom & Paddy McDonnell & Christy O'BrienUnknown
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_95.jpg.jpg1967; 1967Johnny and Joanna Cassidy in bed, Labre Park, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_40.jpg.jpg1967; 1967Johnny Cassidy and Big Dan Flynn, Goresbridge, 1967-
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_39.jpg.jpg1967; 1967Johnny Cassidy dancing at his son's wedding, New Ross, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_59.jpg.jpg1967Johnny Cassidy in bed, Labre Park, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_AlenMacWeeney_Travellers_89.jpg.jpg1967; 1967Johnny Cassidy, Joanna Cassidy and their son Bill, Saggart, 1967MacWeeney, Alen
wm_circus46.jpg.jpg2013Johnny Chipperfield, clown, photo by George McCormack while working with the show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne