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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_3823.jpg.jpg1977-08-01; 1977-08-01Howth, From Bull IslandPatrick Healy
wm_1181.jpg.jpg1977-12-04; 1977-12-04Sally ParkPatrick Healy
wm_3990.jpg.jpg1981-09-01; 1981-09-01Ship Street SitePatrick Healy
wm_1212.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08CastleknockUnknown
wm_1256.jpg.jpg1978-08-24; 1978-08-24[stone slab at] KilteelPatrick Healy
wm_2100.jpg.jpg1976-11-07; 1976-11-07Hell Fire ClubPatrick Healy
wm_4527.jpg.jpg1993-08-23; 1993-08-23Air Corps Jet Trainer CrashJoe Williams
wm_2616.jpg.jpg1984-09-07; 1984-09-07Golden Hill, Kilbride [Co. Wicklow]Patrick Healy
wm_3597.jpg.jpg1981-06-07; 1981-06-07Site of R.C. Chapel, Burrow, PortranePatrick Healy
wm_2311.jpg.jpg1980-04-02; 1980-04-02Oldcourt [Cross] Base, BrayPatrick Healy