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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_1219.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08Early Christian Sites, DublinUnknown
wm_1212.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08CastleknockUnknown
wm_Guinness Wharf. Valentine Repro..jpg.jpg1920Barges loading at the Guinness Wharf DublinUnknown; Williams, Joe
wm_1226.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08Lambay 1837Unknown
wm_3454.jpg.jpg1981-01-01; 1981-01-013 Leahy Terrace P.P.S. HouseUnknown
wm_1221.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08Dublin Early SitesUnknown
wm_4684.jpg.jpg1941-12-25; 1941-12-25Burgage Bridge & ValleyUnknown
wm_1227.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08Loughtown Leo SwanUnknown
wm_Blessington Lake - Taken from the Rundle.jpg.jpg1940Blessington Lakes Taken from the RundleUnknown; Cruise, Aidan
wm_1220.jpg.jpg1988-02-08; 1988-02-08Early Christian Sites, DublinUnknown