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Photographs from George McCormack's collection from Ireland's show and circus community from the 1920s-1950s. Many members of the community settled at Mayfield, Watery Lane, Clondalkin. All of these images will appear in the book 'A Winter Quarters: Journey to a Dublin Neighbourhood' by Yvonne Cullen to be published in 2013.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
wm_circus41.jpg.jpg1920James (Joe) McCormack, showman, comedian, with friend employed in Irish circus.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus56.jpg.jpg2013Early Twentieth Century Circus in Ireland.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus44.jpg.jpg1950Group of artists, Irish Australia Circus Variety Co.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus18.jpg.jpg1940Couple, Joe and wife, owners and managers of a Bazaar show.O'Sullivan, Aggie; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus52.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack in centre back carrying dish shaped object: a "cluster" circus light. Men in foreground are putting up the "wallings" of the tent as the sides are called. They are on stilts to do this.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus55.jpg.jpg1940Show child George McCormack (left) and brother, photographed by George himself. George attached a piece of string to the camera shutter release. Photo was taken among trees at the back of the ground where family mobile cinema was set up. Camera was "a six and sixpence box brownie."McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus49.jpg.jpg2013Phyllis Thomas's father, a bookie, with one of his performing monkeys at the racecourses. This monkey was trained to drink from the bottle and to smoke.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus50.jpg.jpg2013Corvenieoe's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus43.jpg.jpg2013Chipperfield's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus45.jpg.jpg1950Bertrum Mills Circus trailerMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus37.jpg.jpg1940McCormack family show on the road, in costumeMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus38.jpg.jpg1940George McCormackMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus48.jpg.jpg1940Susan McCormack, actress and co-owner of Mobile Cinema The Plaza, and cine-variety company, as well as theatre company Oisin Players.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus46.jpg.jpg2013Johnny Chipperfield, clown, photo by George McCormack while working with the show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus23.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack's family outside mobile cinema wagon.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus15.jpg.jpg2013George McCormack, showman, resting after setting up a show.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus1.jpg.jpg2013Bobby Fossett and a German Artist, Fossett's CircusMcCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus3.jpg.jpg2013Swinging boat at fairground.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus5.jpg.jpg2013Truck and generator arriving on show ground.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
wm_circus27.jpg.jpg1926Billy Smart's Circus, one of the McCormack's is ringmaster.McCormack, George; Cullen, Yvonne
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45