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Title: Part of Ireland Now - Artsquad Video
Authors: South Dublin County Council
Diaz, Henrique
Shorts (NeeRizniak), Sabine
Halsahar, Dr. Mohammad Hasan
Chang, Lu Jin
Kadine, Abbas
Sultan, Bagias
Lopez, Galina
Fillipovic, Zlata
South Dublin County Council Local Studies
Keywords: Irish Immigrants' Stories
Chilean Ex-Trade Union Official
Pinochet Revolution
Warsaw Ghetto
Punishments for opposing Saddam Hussein’s policies
Helping Vietnamese children
China/Vetmam conflict
Iranian Revolution, difficulties being Ba’hai
War-torn Sarajevo
Baptism as an adult in Dublin because of Cuban Catholic repression
UNICEF publishes 11-year-old's war diary
Bosnian living as a “celebrity writer”
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1995
Description: Story of Henrique Diaz, Chilean Ex-Trade Union Official and the Pinochet Revolution in 1973, living on the run, choosing Ireland as a place of refuge, becoming a toolmaker, being on the dole, being re-employed, his Irish-born daughters and his life now, returning to Chile with his daughters to meet relations, “becoming” Irish. Story of Sabine Shorts (NeeRizniak) escaping from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1938 having been forced to move there from Berlin, ending up in Ireland and not returning to Poland, living in South Circular Road illegally, settling in Rathfarnham. Story of Dr. Mohammad Hasan Halsahar from Iraq. A human rights activist , the torture of his mother, the punishments for opposing Saddam Hussein’s policies, Moving to London and then Ireland to study, Irish politicians and “Sorting out the Refugee Problem”, being judged by his colour, Story of Lu Jin Chang Helping Vietnamese children with polio using acupuncture, the China/Vetmam conflict, expulsion from Vietnam, move into a council house in Ballybrack, and then Clondalkin, Difficulty learning English Story of Abbas Kadine, Iranian Revolution, difficulties being Ba’hai, being forced to be Muslim, crossing the desert to Pakistan, moving to Kilkenny, starting a business, Story of Bagias Sultan from Bosnia, smuggled out of war-torn Sarajevo, enters UCD to study politics and Arabic, starts work as an interpreter, judging people on nationality, Story of Galina Lopez from Havana. Arriving in Shannon and moving to Ennis, then Dublin. Studying in Mount Carmel, Leaving Cert results and studying Computer Science in DCU. Her baptism in Dublin because of Cuban Catholic repression. Story of Zlata Fillipovic from Sarajevo. Kept a diary from 11 years old about war in the city. UNICEF publishes her diary. Taken to Paris by the French government, living as a “celebrity writer”, coming to Dublin, study in St. Andrew’s in Blackrock
Copyright: Copyright South Dublin County Libraries Local History Collection. No reproduction without permission.
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