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wm_img085.jpg.jpg1922Letter to Archbishop Byrne by the Kilmainham Female Hunger Strikers Kathleen (Kitty) Costello, Nelly Ryan (sister of Dr. Jim Ryan) and Annie O’Neill requesting that they receive Holy Communion daily until their death.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img075.jpg.jpg1922Letter to the Archbishop from Maude Gonne McBride claiming mistreatment of prisonersDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_JKeegan.jpg.jpg1916Letter to the Archbishop of Dublin from J. Keegan, a gunsmith who had his entire shop cleared of weapons by the Irish Volunteers, looking for compensation from the Dependents' FundDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS306.jpg.jpg1916Original copy of the "Castle Document" in pamphlet form.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_MountjoyHell.jpg.jpg1923-09-14Pamphlet: "The Mountjoy Hell - Attempt to break prisoners' morale"Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS359b.jpg.jpg1916Pass dated 1st May 1916 to allow Henry O'Connor to travel from the Law Room in Dublin Castle to his home.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS302.jpg.jpg1916Patriotic song list including "Ireland Over All" (sung to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles)Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img014.jpg.jpg1922Photostat list of "Sympathetic Priests" excluded by government from visiting [Republican] prisonersDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img012.jpg.jpg1922Photostat pamphlet titled "Daily Bulletin" dated February 6th 1923 accusing Tim Healy, Governor General of Ireland, of 55 murders.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img003.jpg.jpg1922Poblacht na hEireann pamphlet dated 28th June 1922 'A Diary from the Four Courts"Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS385a.jpg.jpg1917-09Poetry book: Aftermath of 1916. Published for the benefit of the Irish National Aid and Volunteers' Dependents FundDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img084.jpg.jpg1922Telegram dated 20th November 1922 from the Irish Self Determination League, Jarrow Branch, pleading with Archbishop Byrne not to let Mary McSwiney die without Last Rites.Dublin Diocesan Archives
LloydGeorge2.pdf.jpg1916Three letters to Archbishop William Walsh from Arnold F. Hills, founder of West Ham Football Club, warning against the partition of Ireland.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS366.jpg.jpg1916Three letters to Archbishop William Walsh regarding charity donations from Cardinal James Gibbons of Baltimore, Reverend Dr Patrick Tuomey of Sydney and John Cardinal Farley of New YorkDublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS369b.jpg.jpg1966Two invitations to 1966 Commemoration events, Garden of Remembrance Opening and Modern Art exhibitionDublin Diocesan Archives
NewYorkAmerican.pdf.jpg1916Typed text of the leader of the "New York American" newspaper from May 1916. "Thank God for Freedom's Martyrs in every age and land"Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_FrPiggott1a.jpg.jpg1922Typescript account by Fr. Piggott who gave spiritual aid to Rory O'Connor and Liam Mellows and he describes the final hours leading up to their executions.Dublin Diocesan Archives
AmbulanceReport.pdf.jpg1922Typewritten account by John Francis Homan detailing his attempts to broker a peace between Pro- and Anti-Treaty sides in June 1922Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_img063.jpg.jpg1922Typewritten military pass dated the 1st July to the guard at the Hammam Hotel O'Connell Street signed by Oscar Traynor issued to Archbishop Byrne, the Lord Mayor of Dublin and party.Dublin Diocesan Archives
wm_GNS307p1.jpg.jpg1916-03-04Vol. 1, No. 38 of the Nationalist weekly 'Nationality' dated 4th March 1916.Griffith, Arthur; Dublin Diocesan Archives