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wm_Alice Ginty.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Alice Ginty, resident. Housekeeper to Matron ShaughnessyO'Gorman Weber, Anne; Ginty, Alice; Ginty, Alice
wm_Christine Flanagan1.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Christie Flanagan who introduced a variety of breeds of poultry to PeamountO'Gorman Weber, Anne; Flanagan, Christine
wm_Dr Tim Healy1.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Dr. Tim Healy, Peamount's Head Pathologist for 40 years.O'Gorman Weber, Anne; Healy, Tim
wm_Emily Fitzpatrick.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Emily Fitzpatrick whose uncle, Dr. George Philip Houston Sheehan was Peamount's superintendentO'Gorman Weber, Anne; Fitzpatrick, Emily
wm_Fr Jim Byrnes.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Fr. Jim Byrnes, Chaplain at PeamountO'Gorman Weber, Anne; Byrnes, Fr. Jim; Byrnes, Fr. Jim
wm_Josephine O'Brien1.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Josephine O’Brien who lived near PeamountO'Gorman Weber, Anne; O'Brien, Josephine; O'Brien, Josephine
wm_Joy Whittaker.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Joy Whittaker. A staff nurse in PeamountO'Gorman Weber, Anne; Whittaker, Joy; Whittaker, Joy
wm_Margaret Gordon1.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Margaret Gordon, Laundry SupervisorO'Gorman Weber, Anne; Gordon, Margaret; Gordon, Margaret
2014-07-21Interview with Mary Lee Tully. Daughter of ambulance driver at Peamount.O'Gorman Weber, Anne; Tully, Mary Lee; Tully, Mary Lee
wm_Mary O Carroll.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Mary O’Carroll Nee McNamara worked in Peamount's laboratoryO'Gorman Weber, Anne; O'Carroll, Mary
wm_Maurice McKiernan.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Maurice McKiernan, medical orderly. He and his sister were patients in PeamountO'Gorman Weber, Anne; McKiernan, Maurice; McKiernan, Maurice
wm_Philippa Collins1.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Philippa Collins,Interview with Phillipa Collins Widow of former Chief Medical Officer Ernest Collins.O'Gorman Weber, Anne; Collins, Phillipa; Collins, Phillipa
wm_Siobhan Hartigan1.jpg.jpg2014-07-21Interview with Siobhán Hartigan,a part-time resident of Peamount.O'Gorman Weber, Anne; Hartigan, Siobhan; Hartigan, Siobhan