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Teideal: 61 – Nazareth, from the South
Údair: Thomas Mason Optician
Thomas Mason Optician
South Dublin Libraries Local Studies
Eochairfhocail: Clondalkin Branch Library
lantern slide
Holy Land
Dáta Eisithe: 1910
Foilsitheoir: Thomas Mason Optician, 5-6 Dame St Dublin.
Cur Síos: Slide : one of a collection of lantern slides shown at Clondalkin branch library c 1910. Description given in booklet: Having crossed the plain we pursue our way into the Galilean mountains, and, following a track that winds round the hillside, we come to a little town nestling on the side of a slight valley. A clump of cypresses dark and pillar-like, a few palms which hang their curving fronds in the still air above the humble dwellings, and a tall white minaret give it the touch of oriental grace. This, then, is Nazareth – the earthly home for 30 years of the Son of God, where He grew “in wisdom and in stature” preparing Himself in all humility for the redemption of mankind. During the period of our Lord’s youth, it was an obscure mountain town, seldom visited and little known, and now the place has probably has a larger population than then. The Roman Catholics, the Greeks, the Maronites, the English Protestants and other churches have established missions and churches here, and the place is filled with ‘holy places’ most of which are spurious, and are only believed by the particular sect that happens to have charge of them.
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10599/11793
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The Holy Land: a reading; a description of a series of lantern slides

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