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Teideal: Irish Life and Lore South Dublin County Collection No. 57: Roderick Kernan
Údair: O'Keeffe, Maurice
Kernan, Roderick
Eochairfhocail: local politics
South Dublin County Council
Dáta Eisithe: 7-Meá-2009
Foilsitheoir: Maurice O'Keeffe
Cur Síos: Roderick Kernan, age 80, grew up in north County Dublin, and was educated in Synge Street. In this interview he recalls his college experiences. He obtained doctorates in philosophy and science. He studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and worked in East Avenue with the Rockefeller Institute. He then lectured in UCD for a while, returning to the US to work at George Washington University in 1970. He describes in great detail the advances in science and technology in Ireland over the years, and he talks about a book called ‘Evolution, Stem Cells and the Brain-Mind Connection’. He also speaks about his membership of the Royal Irish Academy.
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10599/4980
Tá sé i mBailiúcháin:Irish Life and Lore South Dublin County Collection
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