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Teideal: Templeogue House
Údair: Swords, Kieran
Eochairfhocail: Domvile
Lord Santry
St Michael's House
Dáta Eisithe: 6-Dei-2005
Cur Síos: Templeogue House now known as St Michael's house. This is on the site of, and incorporates fabric of a castle which in the 16th century was the Talbot family, now in Mount Talbot, Roscommon. Richard Talbot, Justice of the Common Bench also controlled the watercourse of Dublin which ran close to the house. Sir Richard Talbot leased it to Sir Thomas Domvile in 1686 for £3000 who gained full possession two years later after Sir Richard was outlawed for his support for James II. A brick house incorporate fabric of the castle included a tower and undercroft was built. On his death in 1721, Sir Compton Domvile succeeded to the house and lands. He was responsible for gardens, of which only remains a rusticated arch on Templeogue Road. Sir Compton obtained a pardon for a nephew Lord Santry for a murder committed at Palmerston Fair in 1738 by threatening to cut the city water supply. His nephew succeeded him in 1768, and having already inherited Santry house, the family moved and lived there until the 1940s when they moved to England and now live in Oxfordshire. The name Domvile, spelled Domville, is used locally for some housing estates. The present house was built in 1820. In 1843 the novelist Charles Lever was living there, who wrote some of his novel in the tower of the house. William Thackeray was among the literary notables entertained there. A Bernard Daly purchased it in 1919, followed by Henry White, a gown manufacturer in 1945. The Maynooth Mission to China (Columban Fathers) purchased the house in 1958 and sold it to Crampton housing in 1972. It came to be used for people with intellectual disabilities and is now named St Michael's House.
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10599/7453
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